A sad ending for Netanyahu and sad prospects

Nobody would have thought it possible until the surge of the second onslaught of COVID-19. I fear Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career is at an end.

And if were to be convicted of one or more of the phony charges for which he is being tried, this would be a  very cruel end for someone who served Israel so brilliantly and deserves better.

He is not, by any means, a politician without his shortcomings, particularly the way he kept buying the votes of the ultra-Orthodox with the taxpayer’s hard earned shekels, appointed ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbis; played quite rough with his political adversaries within Likud and was not at his best in combating poverty.

Nevertheless, his economic policies turned out to be a blessing for Israelis; he protected the security of Israel and advanced Israel’s case abroad brilliantly.

With him at the helm, I slept in peace and continued to look at Israel’s future with pride and joy.

His departure will not let me sleep in peace because quite honestly I cannot see anyone who could take over the helm and do as well as Netanyahu did.

The very thought of Gantz succeeding him and running the country gives me the shivers. Yet another general, this one an undistinguished one, in a line of distinguished generals ,who failed to govern the country properly and looked after her foreign affairs miserably.

And past Gantz, I can see no one else who can fill Netanyahu’s shoes, let alone walk ably in them.

I pray G-d  to  keep Israel out of harm’s way by endowing  it with the kind of Prime Minister that will let Israelis and the “non- pseudo liberal and progressive” Jews of the Diaspora sleep in peace. Amen.

About the Author
Doğan Akman immigrated to Canada with his family. In Canada, he taught university in sociology-criminology and social welfare policy and published articles in criminology journals After a stint as a Judge of the Provincial Court (criminal and family divisions) of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, he joined the Federal Department of Justice as a Crown prosecutor, and then moved over to the to civil litigation branch . Since his retirement he has published articles in Sephardic Horizons and e-Sefarad and in an anthology edited by Rifat Bali titled "This is My New Homeland" published in Istanbul.
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