A small country with a big heart – Israel

More than 200 people was killed in explosion which has happened in Beirut. Because of unreasonable politic the Lebanese government is reportedly about to resign.

To be more precise, sic years 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate had been stored at Beirut’s port which caused detonation.

Israel has offered help.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi have said:
“Israel approached Lebanon through international defence and diplomatic channels to offer the Lebanese government medical humanitarian aid. “
Moreover, president Rivlin has said “We share the pain of the Lebanese people and sincerely reach out to offer our aid at this difficult time.”

I admire the strength of the state of Israel to stay strong and to offer help in difficult times to Lebanon. Israel is a spark of light and humanity in difficult times; however, I know that most of media will not proceed this information.

Yes, it is true that Israel is surrounded with the countries which threaten to destroy it, however, you are strong if you share light with those who see you as the enemy. Israel is not the enemy on Lebanon it just defend its borders, it is a duty of the state.

Israel stands with those who suffer.
The only enemy of Lebanon is Hezbollah.

I will quote one Lebanese blogger who said: “What has Israel done against us that’s worse than you? Answer me.” The answer is nothing, Israel is defending its borders and offers you help and Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation, it is a big difference.
While Hezbollah is planning terror attacks, Israel offers you help. I am proud on Israel.

On the other hand I want to inform you while you sit comfortable Israel has been attacked by Hamas by rockets. I know that many media will not report it, however, I just ask you to be objective when it is about Israel.

The IDF has said that is strutted a Hamas observation post in the northern Gaza Strip late Sunday.

We must remain human beyond all; however, we have to know the truth. The true is that the Israel is sending aid to Lebanon and rockets from Gaza are fired.
We must remain human beyond all and Israel must defend its borders and people.

I remember, while I have lived in Israel some people have smile and said: „This can happen only in Israel “. Now I understand, Israel has power to put a conflict aside and offers help, however I will never understand the blindness of majority who will never except the existence of the state of Israel which want peace.

Israel is not an enemy, it is a spark of light.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.
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