A Thought on Terror

Terror is being a young liberal zionist
Who moved across the world to make a new home in Israel
Who passionately believes in a Jewish state
That needs to be better

Who is beginning to learn Arabic with a community of Jews
Who gets on a bus on a Tuesday afternoon
and thinks to herself,
“If I put my backpack in this position, I could be less likely to be hit by a bullet.”

Terror is the raw, jolting, encompassing feeling, that slaps you on the face and rushes through your blood when you suddenly understand that in certain moments, your belief system that you grapple with and defend to your friends and foster with your mentors, just doesn’t matter.

About the Author
Sara Miriam Liben holds a B.A in Sociology from Columbia University and a B.A in Women and Gender Studies in Judaism from The Jewish Theological Seminary. She is interested in nonprofit consulting and creating a pluralistic Jewish future in Israel and the Diaspora. An avid coffee drinker, she welcomes you to continue the conversation over a cup of joe in Jerusalem where she currently resides. Sara.Liben@gmail.com
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