Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

A True Story

One day, when things were tough, a nation left Egypt, thousands of years ago.

The Jewish people.

G-d split the sea. We walked through to dry land, and our enemy drowned.

And then we came to Mount Sinai. We were united, one people, one nation.

And G-d revealed His glory, and Moses taught us the Torah. And Moses was instructed by G-d, to tell all the nations of the world to fulfill the seven Noahide Laws.

To believe in G-d
Not to curse G-d
Not to murder
Not to steal
Not to commit incest or adultery
Not to eat part of an animal while it is still alive (which is cruel)
To establish courts to enforce these laws (including to be kind, charitable, and help others)

The Jewish people came to their land, Israel, a land which G-d promised will be eternally their land.

Now, thousands of years later, we are back in our land.

And we were ruthlessly attacked in recent days, by people who blatantly disregarded the seven laws.

And now justice is being carried out, as Israel, united as one people, eliminates Hamas.

Many nations have condemned the evil, and pledged full support for the Jewish nation.

Perhaps the Redemption foretold by the prophets, when evil will cease to exist, and the entire world will acknowledge G-d and honour His people, is very close.

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