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A US – Iran alliance for military operations in Iraq? Obama has already placed the chess pieces, and there is a deadly danger to Israel

17 Jun 2014 By Stephen E Hughes, Association of Geostrategic Analysis 2014

The Islamic Republic of Iran is jumping for joy; its Supreme Leader Khamenei wants this unholy alliance. Iraq’s civil war will be a long bloody protracted conflict, with America  the Global community depended on the Islamic Republic for its support to end it. The final walls prohibiting its nuclear weapons endeavors are tumbling down. “

In 2011 Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki convened in Washington for an official meeting with President Obama. Accompanying Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was his transportation minister Iranian Hadi Farhan al-Amiri. Hadi who just happened to be a former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Commander. This meeting was an event at which President Obama trumpeted the end of the Iraq War. According to FBI records he played a role in a 1996 terrorist attack that killed 19 U.S. servicemen. [1]

Understanding Iraq –Iran’s Relationship, Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki is Iraq’s head of government. From 1979-1980 he was sentenced to death for opposing Saddam Hussein and the Ba’athist party, (Iran –Syria Connection), al-Maliki flees Iraq and finds refuge in Iran and later Syria. In 2003 he returns to Iraq from Syria. After failing to win the 2010 Prime Minster elections Nouri al-Maliki seized power. His open support of Assad’s Syria and allowing the Islamic Republic of Iran free access through Iraq to Syria is an open secret. [2]

Maliki‘s support for Assad have facilitated dividing the Iraq people, and the Sunni Radical Islamists are pouring into Iraq to fight Maliki‘s government. His seizure of power, purging of Sunni and other Iraq officials plunged Iraq into chaos. Maliki employed a wide range of dictatorial methods to crush Iraqi Sunni leadership. Between his attacks and their counterattacks, many Sunni leaders arrested or driven from politics, including some of the most non-sectarian, non-violent, practical and technocratic.  Now in 2013 with over 7,000 civilian casualties , 2013 became the deadliest year in Iraq since 2008. Following the withdrawal of US troops in December 2011, instead of engaging in post-war and occupation recovery, Iraq has been with each day plunging deeper into inter-ethnic violence, prompted by ever-growing tensions mostly between the country’s majority Shiite community and the Sunni minority. 2013 saw the situation aggravate to its worst, with almost daily deaths of civilians becoming the harsh reality the country is facing today. [3]

As Iraq descends into  chaos, Obama is mumbling considering a working joint military operations with Iran to resolve the Iraq crisis. The reality of Iraq it is a civil war, a clash Sunni Islam and Shia Islam with various Islamic countries becoming infused.  This Iraq civil war threatens to explode into the world’s economic oil & gas highways of the Persian Gulf. As the instability of Iraq holds a dagger over the juggler vein of global economic stability , countries will put forth their own agendas and will embrace what they believe is the quickest route of ending Iraqi chaos. Oil is the lifeblood of our petrol addicted world.

The emerging deadly aspect to Israel has yet to be fully realized. President Obama openly supports with the new Unity Government of the Iranian backed Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Hamas is a terrorist organization, by Federal law it should not be recognized   let alone receive US aid. This has not stopped President Obama. It just a technicality, something not to worry about falls from the White House. Hamas who celebrate the 9/11 attacks, Bin Laden as Holy Warrior and openly calls for the destruction of America and Israel. Hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars has gone illegally into the pockets of Hamas. This US aid has only burst out of Gaza paying for thousands of rockets which has pummeled Israeli communities.

President Obama said there would be no US boots on the ground in Iraq, but he is sending in some 275 US Special Forces troopers. Obama current dance is America can’t technically work with Iran in joint military operations as the Islamic Republic is a state sponsor of international terrorism. But I am sure that is just a technicality too.

While President Obama talks tough sanctions and redlines for Iran’s nuclear programs, this had been one of the White Houses most contorted disinformation campaign America and the international community had been subjected to. First of all President Obama hands out oil sanction waivers for any country wanting to buy Iranian oil. [4] The IAEA’s most serious report on the military dimensions of Tehran’s nuclear program is simply ignored and white washed by Obama.

In Obama’s world Israel is the heart of all US policy failures and woes in the Middle East and the Muslim community. His White House Staff from Hillary Clinton to John Kerry and openly threaten, chastised Israel at every turn. US Congress is far too divided the democrats follow their Fuhre with no questions asked; they call it towing the party line. While the Republicans are too weak-kneed, to disconnected, too concerned about preserving their own kingdoms of power.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is jumping for joy; its Supreme Leader Khamenei wants this unholy alliance. Iraq’s civil war will be a long bloody protracted conflict, with America  the Global community depended on the Islamic Republic for its support to end it. The final walls prohibiting its nuclear weapons endeavors are tumbling down.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu  has strongly emphasized to  President Obama the dangers of Iran’s military Nuclear Weapons program, the terrible dangers of Khomeinism religious totalitarianism. Obama termed PM Netanyahu warnings, “Only Noise”.

A dark smile eclipses the  Supreme Leader Khamenei of Iran, he knows full well any military moves Israel may take against his nuclear program could be met with America military forces in the Gulf, along with the international community. Obama will be turning its citadels of Intelligence towards watching Israel. Tehran’s military forces are required in Iraq; the oil must continue to flow.

Footnotes 1). Ex Iran Guard commander visits White House with Iraq leader The Washington Times December 12, 2011 By Ashish Kumar Sen 2). Iraq 2013: Deadliest year since 2008 with 7,000+ killed Published time: November 08, 2013 3). The Fall and Rise And Fall Of Iraq Kenneth M. Pollack July 2013 4). 2012 Waivers for Oil Trade With Tehran, Washington Obama’s Administration grated 20 countries exempt from sanctions are Belgium, Britain, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Malaysia, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Turkey. China, Iran’s Biggest Oil Customer, Gets Last-Minute Sanctions Exemption From Obama Administration By Patrick Goodenough June 29, 2012

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