A Visit to the Alexander River and Beit Yanai Beach…

The Alexander River is one of the most important and beautiful rivers in Israel. It spills into the sea, near the Beit Yanai beach.  Until ten years ago, the river was heavily polluted, and a major undertaking by the regional council, in cooperation with their Palestinian counterparts, has led to the river being transformed into a model for river restoration and coexistence. The polluted water has been cleaned up, and where banks had collapsed and vegetation been removed, they have been re-sculpted and re-planted.
Here are a few images from the Beit Yanai beach area…
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I first came to Israel in 1971 and stayed with friends Eileen and Ami. Eileen and I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and were friends there before she moved full-time to Herzliya. Six years ago we reconnected on Facebook, met again in New York, fell in love and got married. I've been making images ever since I was 6 years old. I have an extensive personal image library and love to travel around Israel to record my impressions of this wonderful country so that folks abroad get a real idea, through my thoughts and ideas about living here.
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