A war on terror, disinformation, and barbarism

The Sderot police station. (Via Twitter)
The Sderot police station. (Via Twitter)

Israel knows that the only chance it has of surviving the enemies who vow its destruction is not to lose any war as it has done for the past 75 years.

In the last hours the terrorist organisation Hamas has launched from the Gaza Strip more than 3,000 rockets and an invasion in order to decimate and terrorise the civilian population. Again the Palestinian Islamists showed their worst face: they did not go to kidnap and murder mothers with their children and old people. In Gaza, as in other corners of the Islamic world, there was jubilation and a cry of triumph at the bloodshed.

October 7 will remain in the memory of Israelis as the day Hamas launched a full-scale terrorist operation in which more than 400 citizens have been killed, thousands more wounded and dozens more kidnapped and missing. No one anywhere in the world can defend Hamas, let alone invoke causes to justify the killing of civilians.

As the only Jewish national home, it is necessary to invoke what is self-evident and which no other full member of the United Nations questions: the right to defence. Israel, which has been the victim of a coordinated and massive attack by an external aggressor, must defend itself without losing the objective of maintaining regional balance and its promising alliances, especially in defence, with Arab states. However, Israel’s response must also be strong enough to make Iran, which funds and encourages Hamas, understand that its actions come at a cost.

This time, Israel was attacked at the end of Sukkot, during Simchat Torah. As 50 years ago during the Yom Kippur war when Egypt and Syria launched a surprise war, families found their mobile phones alerted and sirens blaring on the way to synagogues. Suddenly in their homes, on the streets, roads and cars they found armed terrorists firing at civilian targets. Hamas thus put its stamp of blood on the relationship it has maintained with Israel since 2006 when it took control of the Gaza Strip by expelling the Palestinian Authority and Fatah and turning the territory into a missile base and terror factory.

Gaza is an inhospitable territory, a lawless barbaric territory, but with the iron hand of a government whose legitimacy is non-existent given that in seventeen years there have been no elections and the Gazans are still under the same regime. However, in these almost two decades there has been no popular organisation of any kind that proposes to confront Hamas. In addition, the Palestinian Authority, the old Abu Mazen, will not make a move for fear that what little remains of its political structure born out of the Oslo Accords will collapse.

While some of the press in Europe and America refuse to use the term terrorist to define Hamas, confirmation of its nature came in the worst possible way. The world has had a free taste of what a state including the 8 million Arabs that Palestinian Islamic activism wants to push through the window to put pressure on Israel and the West would look like. The world has also seen what the demise of the Jewish state and the triumph of Hamas Islamism would mean.

All this should raise questions and draw the attention of Western governments, which in various international bodies have supported the sending of money to the Gaza Strip as humanitarian aid that has never reached the Palestinians, but has been used to pay for the terrorist structure that is now stalking Israel. Jerusalem, its capital, and Tel Aviv are under attack. The south of the country is a disaster.

To deny Israel’s right to exist is to contribute to a dangerous breeding ground at a time when anti-Semitism pervades daily life in Europe and European societies are being reformatted by illegal Islamic immigration. The direct consequence of this is that today synagogues and Jewish institutions around the world are tightening their security to prevent any attack. It should not be forgotten that Iran and Hezbollah attacked the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and AMIA in 1994. Two attacks in which the Ayatollahs attacked Israel, but through its institutions outside the country.

In the war that Hamas has unleashed and in which the base will be in Tehran, Iran, the Palestinians will use the usual traps to shock foreign public opinion that is unaware of the dramatic and lying culture of Muslims. Hamas will use civilians as human shields, arm its missile bases in residential buildings filled with children and women, use hospitals and schools to shelter terrorists and load ambulances with ammunition. Meanwhile the Hamas leadership lives in Qatar. 

Israel knows that the only chance of surviving the enemies who vow its destruction is not to lose any war as it has done in the last 75 years. Israel has won every war and will do so again in the conviction that the survival of the Jewish national home will be safe if Gaza’s terrorism is finally eliminated.

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