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A wine pioneer with a vision in Israel’s Negev

Israel’s Negev is in full blossom during Winter and Spring periods. Sandy ground together with cool nights and high temperature during days,  do really well with grapes. Even in biblical times, vineyards become common in this region. We drove especially south to me a wine pioneer with a vision – Asaf Galai, of Galai Winery.

Asaf presents himself as the owner, the winemaker, the grower, the man behind the scene. “We are a small boutique winery, located in the northern west part of the Negev, Israel Southern region. We own two plots of small vineyards, which from all of them we produce our wines. We do-not buy grapes, we only grow our own grapes for producing our wines.

“Recently we have opened our winery for tourism. People can come today, visit us, see all the operation behind the scene enter our barrel aging room, enter the winery and see behind the stage, all “the making of the wine”. While visiting us you can seat down, dine and enjoy local produce”, he says.

“All our wines are dry wines. We produce a white wine, rose and red. Our white wine is a very special wine. It is not a white wine as we do not grow. A white variety of grapes, but we produce this wine from a red variety of grapes, which is Cabernet  Sauvignon, out of the merlot which we grow as well. We produce our rose, which has recently won twice, first price and second price as being the best rose in Israel. Our red blend, which is Kasa Negev is a very unique blend. That took us almost 10 years to develop, from the same grapes in our little vineyard. We actually produce our wine at the vineyard, aging it in french-American oak barrels for a period of 2 years. This particular blend had recently won twice in a row almost, in the last 3 competitions the first grand champion price of being the best red blend in Israel in the category of boutique wineries”, says Asaf Galai.

Add this fascinating Negev winery to your travel list and do not forget to bring with you a bottle or two.

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