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A World Without Israel

An imaginary scene:

We have recently developed a special camera that is able to see what goes on in parallel universes. 

We decided to look at one parallel universe in which Israel doesn’t exist as we know it, and the land is controlled by extreme Muslims only.

We have one report from a journalist who would like to remain anonymous:

Bombs are constantly thrown everywhere around the Palestinian area. 

Instead of Israel existing, this is now a Muslim country controlled by the extremists, in which even moderate Muslims are in great danger. 

Zealots and fanatics are setting the rules for the country. 

Jews and Muslims are only allowed to live in specific, separate areas. 

Those areas are filled with anyone who is not an extreme Muslim. 

They are forced to learn about Islam.   

They are only allowed to practice Judaism behind closed doors. 

They are not allowed to practice Islam that doesn’t follow extremist ideals. 

All women must wear veils over their heads.

The country is forcing more and more Jews to convert to Islam as they have less chance being killed off.

Any Jews and Muslims who wish to live in peace are outraged and scared to death.

They are afraid that this could be the end of the world. 

America is also threatened since the atomic bomb now rests in the hands of religious extremists.

They are threatening to use the atomic bomb against the United States if they do not allow extreme Muslims to enter the country.

There are ghettoes all over the U.S.A. in which Americans are kept hostage for trying to prevent any extreme Islam from starting. 

Out of fear, the President of the United States has declared that the Koran must be learned in every school and that Holocaust studies will be reduced. 

People are afraid to live their lives.

They’re afraid to go to school. 

They’re afraid to go to work. 

Many hospitals are closing down. 

The world is suffering from a great deal of violence and poverty. 

We are desperately asking those who live in another parallel universe to come help, as this world is lost. 

We are not able to speak against what is happening. 

Fanatics controlling an atomic bomb is a huge threat to the entire world, and any move to oppose them could possibly destroy us all. 

We can only hope that one day, Israel will be a country again, and we won’t live in fear. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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