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Abbas at UN: I’ll Give my Last Penny to Families of ‘Martyrs’ AKA Terrorists

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In his latest United Nations speech on September 26, Mahmoud Abbas was introduced as “His excellency, President of the STATE of Palestine.” We know Palestine is not a functioning state but let’s move on from this United Nations and world-wide fantasy to one of the the most appalling declarations Abbas made. His speech’s double-talk reached its zenith when he declared early on, “We will resist occupation by all available means. This is our legitimate right.” He later added, “We always extend our hand for peace and through negotiations alone.”  Then, he unashamedly exposed his admiration for evil when he proclaimed, “I salute our honorable martyrs. We salute their families. We will protect their rights. If I only have one penny left, I will give it to them.” Abbas calls them martyrs. I call them terrorists who have murdered and maimed thousands of Israelis.

For decades, the Israelis have practically twisted themselves into diplomatic pretzels in their efforts to make peace yet to no avail. The world of course criticizes Israel yet overlooks embedded Palestinian intransigence. As a Pro-Israel Christian Advocate, I’m frankly delighted that Israel seems to operate now in the clear-eyed reality that they have no peace partner. Israelis are now untwisting themselves from pretzel-hood. Yet, I know that if the day ever arrives when Abbas will actually sit down for direct negotiations, Israel’s leaders will be there. Yet, history is instructive regarding Abbas.

When Palestinian Authority President Abbas spoke at the United Nations, one could easily assume-looking at his clothing-that he is like any Western leader. The truth is far different. Abbas is a terrorist in a suit, mentored for 40 years by Yassar Arafat, the grandfather of weaponizing airplanes for terrorism. Arafat perfected propaganda with smiles that were a facial portrait of lies with a deviously illustrious career which won him the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. His pupil Abbas operates with the skillful hypocrisy of glorified victimhood by blaming Israel for every woe. He has refused to disband his airwaves of hatred and instead chooses to run his kleptocracy, build a multi-million dollar home, and has not met with PM Netanyahu in direct negotiations for ten years. Add to that, he’s not held elections since 2006, choosing to blame the Hamas takeover of Gaza. The terrorist in a suit is a dictator who is oppressing the Palestinians and preventing them from a better life.

PA President Abbas has maintained and perfected powerful weapons passed down by this hero Arafat. He manipulates the United Nations, International Criminal Court, and maybe worst of all, weaponizes Palestinian media to propagandize his people, young and old, with hatred toward the Jews. Using the Voice of Palestine under the Palestinian Broadcast Corporation based in Ramallah, hatred is mainlined into the population. It’s a poison which deadens minds and hearts. Hitler and Goebbels’ media operation proves the horrific results of controlling entire populations with lies.

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By Arafat’s side since 1961, this photo of the duo was taken in 2003. Andrei Sakharov-Russian nuclear physicist, dissident, and Nobel laureate (Born 1921, Died 1981 in Moscow) once said:

“A country which does not respect the rights of its own citizens will not respect the rights of its neighbours.” An appropriate description for Palestinian leadership regarding their own people and Israel.

Abbas’s remarks are in a sense laughable. All the descriptions he used to slander Israel were, in reality, descriptions of Palestinian intransigence and wrongdoing itself. His speech included threats that all signed agreements with the “government of the occupation” will be terminated; as if the PA has kept all the agreements. “Our hands will remain extended for peace through negotiations.” Really? He went on to chide the international community to “uphold your responsibilities.” He did thank the UN for passage of the 2012 Observer Status, mentioning that “140 states around the world have recognized us.” He used the shopworn lies that Israel is apartheid, denies worshippers access to holy places-even the Church of the Holy Sepulchre- and claimed “a religious war could happen.” Naturally, he criticized the Trump administration’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and went on to say, “Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of Palestine.” Sadly, yet not surprising, applause broke out in agreement.

So, let’s review this history lesson. The man who stood next to Arafat for 40 years, who wrote a Holocaust denial thesis in the former Soviet Union, helped plan the Black September massacres at the 1972 Olympics, the Achille Lauro, and deeply mourned the passing of his mentor in 2004, says he’ll call for elections when he returns to “the homeland.”

Based on his history, hatred for the Jewish state of Israel, and his money-making kleptocracy I don’t anticipate an end to freeing his people from dictatorial oppression and to make peace with Israel. Unfortunately, who he has been and still is will rule the day.

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Arlene Bridges Samuels is a pioneer in pro-Israel Christian advocacy for more than two decades in positions with Israel Always and Earl Cox, Israel's Goodwill Ambassador to Christians and Jews, SE Region Outreach Director at American Israel Public Affairs Committee, (AIPAC) and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem USA's project, American Christian Leaders for Israel. Since 2020, she is the weekley featured columnist at The Christian Broadcasting Network Israel, and frequent Guest Columnist for Allisrael News and The Jerusalem Connection Report. Arlene co-edited The Auschwitz Album Revisited. Traveling to Israel since 1990, by invitation she attends the GPO Christian Media Summit and serves on the board of Violins of Hope South Carolina.
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