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Acknowledge Trump’s masterly 2018 UN speech

Trump delivered another great speech to the UN General Assembly.

Surely, it contained a few deplorable ideas and towards the end, its attention span caved in a bit from its presidential delivery.

Still, overall, it was a fascinating delivery (35 minutes of close reading is probably his limit) with his hallmark slowing down for the last words of sentences and multiple chaplets of easily digestible one syllable words.

Many outlets mentioned the laughter that his bragging at the beginning evoked. What else could delegates do with his unashamed grotesque statement that his administration is doing better than perhaps any other in US history? (To suggest that their amusement was a sign of respect for Trump’s honesty is for me just too ridiculous a spin, with all due respect.)

He voiced his surprise at the hilarity but added good-naturedly with a sheepish smile that it’s OK. This – which went unreported – yielded him a generous applause. He’s a truly masterful manipulator. (He certainly heard the applause and continued for some time with more gusto.)

Speaking of which, he is an expert salesman for defunct goods. Opponent politicians and the media that he fights are wrong for not acknowledging his mastery at this. The bad-sport refusal to recognize his speaking skill makes to his base his antagonists come out as being overly critical.

Rather, his opponents should acknowledge that his style is great but covers deceitful content, by misrepresentation, omission or by twisting or fabricating facts, intentions and motives.

Truthful reporting and opposition admit Trump’s strong points in order to communicate his destructiveness for the US and the world.

Take a leaf from the Book of Ecclesiastes, which Jews read this Shabbat of the Feast of Tabernacles. The author draws in his average audience by stating over and over again that so much in life is just vanity. Only to conclude with that we must be careful how to live our lives.

The goal of fair reporting and smart opposition is not to show what a con Trump is but rather to get that across to his fans. Just trashing him works counter-productive. Get his supporters’ attention by acknowledging his good so that they will hear your analysis of where he tricks them.

Be smart rather than just right.

PS: What great stamina for a septuagenarian, to stand for 80 minutes answering journalists’ questions. But what a classical sexist. He cuts into almost every woman after two words, sometimes repeatedly. And he’s totally unaware of that. But with most (older) men he gets along great. In comparison, Archie Bunker comes out a feminist.

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