Adam Carolla ‘jokes’ about Jews being burned…again

Popular podcaster and American television personality Adam Carolla is once again trying to get a laugh by joking about Jews being burned to death in the Holocaust.

Carolla was a guest on comedian Jay Mohr’s “Mohr Stories” podcast in mid-December.

Around the 29-minute mark, Carolla recycled one of his old bits about how he’s never met a Jewish fireman, despite the fact that Jews are “the most amazing people around fire.”

He continued the bit by noting that although ultra-Orthodox Jews have side-curls, full beards and prayer shawls with strings, he never hears about Jews catching on fire.

Mohr jumped in, saying, “Jews, little known fact: flame retardant on birth” (31:12).

“I don’t want to go back and unearth World War II and a couple of things Hitler did over in the camps there, but some of them…not completely flame retardant,” responded Carolla.

“I’m not touching what you said with a 50-foot pole, now that I’m under the corporate umbrella,” said Mohr, seemingly anxious to change the subject.

Mohr shouldn’t have worried, Carolla has joked about this very subject before, with no negative repercussions and a total lack of media attention.

Last February, during an episode of The Adam Carolla Show, a popular podcast, Carolla and his buddies laughed about Jews being burned to death in the Holocaust and made “jokes” suggesting that Jews control certain industries.

The first Holocaust joke occurred approximately 20 minutes into the podcast, which was live from The Pasadena Ice House. After generally discussing fires and flammable objects, Adam noted, “There’s no Jewish firemen that I’m aware of, but nobody better suited to handle fire than Jews. They walk around with beards down to their (expletive) waists. They got the payos hanging down. They’ve got the prayer shawl with the fringe dangling around. They’re wearing the frock and everything. There’s no more flammable people than the Chassidic Jew” (23:27).

“I think Hitler proved that!” added show sidekick Alison Rosen enthusiastically.

Later on in the show (53:21), Adam and the crew were discussing a slang term known as the “Dutch oven.” “Maybe the whole Dutch oven thing and the Jew thing didn’t work well…I’m just saying, as a Jew, saying ‘I’m going to do the Dutch oven,’ that’s gotta be a little offensive,” said Adam, who stated during the podcast that he is not Jewish.

The “fun” didn’t stop there during the February show. Perpetuating the worst kind of Jewish stereotypes, Adam went on a rant (28:02) about how Jews have allegedly risen to the top of certain professions.  “Let me explain something: It’s like a ladder, you understand? You cannot get to the top unless you step on other people to get to the top of the Jew ladder…So, there are a lot of Mexican guys in cut-off, super-denim jean shorts right now in flip flops, playing pick-up games at the park right now who could have been bankers, except for ‘Big J’…’Dr. J’…literally Jewish doctors…stepped on top of them to get to where they are now, so you gotta understand that.”

Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons proved willing to join in the bashing during Carolla’s February show. During the discussion of the Dutch (53:09), he claimed that the Dutch are the “number one landowners in New York City…they are quietly (expletive) ‘Jewing up’ New York.”

During the conversation about fires, Greg responded to Adam’s contention that Jews’ houses never burn down (24:37). “(The Jews) run the insurance business, so they probably win on either side of it…my (insurance) agent just dropped me.”

Adam said to the live audience during the February taping, “Laugh all you want…this is basically a Klan meeting we’re having here, with a couple jokes woven in. All my stand-up shows are basically like a Klan meeting with just a couple jokes…it’s a hood optional night.”

Adam, who claims to have a maternal step-grandfather who fled the Nazis and has spoken supportively about Israel in the past, may not be a particularly funny comedian, but at least he’s self-aware.

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