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The opposite of war is nuance

Adventures of a Young Mashiach, Part 2

Adventures of a Young Mashiach, Part 1, is posted separately.

Here starts, Adventures of a Young Mashiach, Part 2: 

The theoretical beginnings of a better global peace-building system:

The Jewish people, the source of Western Civilization’s morality, are increasingly opposed in the world, despite being more moral than most, if not all other nations. The antisemitism that arose against Jews in nearly every generation and community we have lived in as a minority, now appears to be going global as our globe becomes a “community.” The Holocaust was a killing of Jews across many countries simultaneously cooperating, and on this trajectory, the mental illness of antisemitism may soon infect much of the world. The Jewish nation defending its right to exist regardless what the world thinks, as the dear Golda Meir said we should if we must, may not solve a worsening problem forever, without more. 

75 years after the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, of all the nations and their wrongdoing, the Jewish state is on trial for defending herself after the October 7th massacre. And likely, those putting Israel on trial have no consideration for the possibility that their legal actions may instigate more violence. Even though surprise attacked, Israel’s favorability in one poll has dropped nearly 20 percentage points since the attack across nearly 50 nations, and Israel now has deeply negative favorability even in Western allies like Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

If not for the United States’ veto defense of Israel over 40 times in the UN Security Council in recent years, the global community would have destroyed Israel long ago through a combination of military attacks, when that fails: terrorism, when that fails: political attack, and when that fails: boycott, and when that fails: international law. And they will even destroy international law itself to do it. The logical gymnastics of terror victims’ families on trial are worthy of gold medals, and yet it makes perfect sense to the accusers. Those who come to see the Jews as evil, themselves become evil, as their moral perspective is skewed by changing ideological phenomena. And they are neither able to learn from history nor look in the mirror to see it. 

On our current path, sooner or later, one day Israel may be alone. And even if Israel were no more, the same irrational antisemitism would just become irrational anti-Americanism, irrational anti-Judeo-Christianism, and irrational anti-Western Civlizationism. The tide is growing against the people who codified the value of human life. Global opposition is growing against the United States, the greatest contributor to human freedom in history. And soon Western civilization, Mozart and all, may be despised and targeted for elimination to the sound of thunderous applause. Of course, the nukes will be deployed long before that fully materializes.

Our international system is unable to stop the current Russia-Ukraine/NATO war – the largest land war in Europe in 70 years. It is unable to stop the Israel-Gaza-Iran proxy war, the largest Middle East war in a half a century. It is unable to prevent China from invading Taiwan. These moving pieces may be the beginnings of a slippery slope from which humanity may never recover. Eventually, all of humanity may fall into permanent nuclear dark ages, despotism, and savagery devoid of light, unless we fix our current path. 

We need something new – something better for Israel and the world. 

So until Mashiach comes and accomplishes all that he will, I believe we should try to understand our problems better. Much better.

I woke up from the most amazing dream one beautiful morning, in which the whole world loved Israel, and there was world peace. As I woke up, the feeling of love for Israel and world peace was so thick with realness I could touch it with my hands, and swim through it. There was world peace not despite us, but because of us. 

So I asked questions. I asked, “why?” “Why do so many sometimes irrationally oppose the most moral peoples?” “Why doesn’t Israel have peace?” “Why don’t we have world peace?” 

And then I asked better questions: “Why can’t the whole planet worked constructively toward solutions together?” “Why can’t we as humanity understand ourselves better?” “Why can’t the world see Israel’s moral perspective?” “Why can’t we all see each other’s viewpoints and be on the same drawing board? 

I even asked impossible questions: “Why solve one major world problem, when we can solve them all?” And then, “Assuming there is a way to make world peace, from my limited knowledge and resources, what would that look like? 

Eventually, silly me, I asked the most impossible question backwards: “Imagine that all of humanity made world peace, imagine everyone generally got along, and we were able to remain rational and work through our divisions and achieve incredible things, and imagine it was brought about by some kind of human/spiritual ingenuity that accomplished this. What would it look like at its very beginning conception? 

The PeaceMatrix™ is the answer I got. 

Like a curiosity I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around, for about four years now I’ve been wrestling with my beautiful dream and its derivative questions. What if there is a completely different way to resolve human conflicts and make peace? 

The question became chains of questions, and increasingly looked like the conceptual framework for a new system of global peace-building with potential to resolve every conflict between every nation, tribe, culture, religion, and political viewpoint, and establish world peace. 

What if two miracles that can’t be accomplished separately can be accomplished together? Stranger things have happened. Israel playing a role in helping develop and implement a revolutionary new type of global peace-building system to not only solve its own wars but others’, could correct the world’s perspective to see Israel as a moral center again. Maybe much of the world’s opposition to Israel is in the gulf between Judaism being source of Western morality and all the diverging ideologies that seek to create new moral frameworks, and maybe this is the way to fix it.

As we wait for the coming of Mashiach, imagining his adventure one day may be a clue to our path forward now. If you were a hyper-optimist with faith in the ability of God to accomplish anything, you wouldn’t just think of solving the Palestinian versus Israel problem, but Palestinians versus the “Palestinian cause” problem, Palestinians versus Arab nations problem, Iranian leadership versus its people problem, Europe versus uncontrolled migration problem, and perhaps every other also, to truly be “a light unto the nations.” In my article the Metaphysics of Antisemitism, I asked; “What if within the mysteries of why antisemitism happens are the secrets to solving all conflicts amongst mankind?” After all, if we could figure out that paradoxical hatred, we could probably figure out them all. Perhaps it’s the best we can do until we get to Mashiach, “And he will judge between nations and decide between peoples.” (Isaiah 2:2-4, Micah 4:1-3.)

Wanting to solve all wars may seem delusional, but the other option is to proceed towards the world’s increasingly nuclearized and uncontrollably-polarized path hoping nobody ever uses them, which is at least as delusional. 

I, for one, refuse to accept that the story of humanity is; “fought since the dawn of man, invented nuclear weapons, invented social media, destroyed ourselves, the end.”

We must be more rational than that. Perhaps the goal, until Mashiach comes, is to turn the world more rational; less driven by ideological polarization and emotional compulsion; more pre-frontal cortex, less amygdala. Maybe that’s what Ezekiel 36:26 means when it says, “I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” 

It makes some sense that with system that is pro-Israel, pro-US, pro-Western, pro-conservative, pro-Judeo-Christian, pro-every unique and beautiful culture, that synchronizes moral perspectives, with Israel, and everyone else, with the Jewish people being a key in building world peace, the world might actually fulfill my dream and love us. 

By the way, synchronizing moral perspectives is one of the keys to maintaining peace among humanity. If our in-group versus out-group polarization is not determined by (aligned) moral perspective, then it’s going to be determined by worse criteria like race or tribal association, short term power gain (think Russia China Iran), or sympathy towards whomever is suffering most in that moment (You guessed it, now Palestinians). Ideally, polarization would be determined by soccer team, or even us all together against a common goal, if I continue dreaming long enough. 

As a side note, empathy triggers brain neurohormones like oxytocin, which is activated in the central nervous system with in-group identification and bonding and trust, and which is conversely reduced when dealing with an out-group. With repetition, triggering empathy causes people to be conditioned to side with Palestinians on a neurochemistry level infinitely more powerful than logical analysis of the moral points of the parties in conflict. That’s one reason intelligent people side with terrorists. It’s also why Jews are only widely favored when suffering. Most countries are troublingly aligned by tribal interest or short-term interest, and increasingly the US alone operates under a moral code as the world’s policeman. Most nations are happy to avoid that burden, and just take advantage when convenient. 

Without synchronization, eventually the same antisemitism-like polarization that targets Jews for our morality will eventually target the United States for its moral positions, and Christianity for its, and eventually all of Western Civilization. And we are already starting to see it.

To make peace, we not only need to win the rational argument, but also turn the world rational enough to accept it.

What is the PeaceMatrix™?

As I struggled to understand and explain human conflicts, I realized that a key reason for war is that we are arguing over the wrong issues. We spend most of our time and energy arguing piecemeal over the inflammatory issues, not the constructive ones. We spend our time trying to convince everyone that the other side is evil, without even scientifically mapping the varying moral perspectives of what “evil” means. Leaders often become bottlenecks warding off good ideas. Our focus is usually during war, not calm when opportunities arise. Points of progress are missed like ships passing because we have no central organization system for the debate, no common ground, no way to advance the discussion constructively beyond the limits of the human character and our current communication systems.

I realized that the way we see wars, through the lens of our media and current events and experts, is insufficient. What we need is precisely a divine perspective.

How did I invent it?

As I struggled to understand and explain the world’s conflicts to answer my questions in my writing, I kept organizing and reorganizing their elements, again and again. Eventually, it dawned on me that I had categorized them. By properly categorizing the elements of our disputes, we put everyone on the same page, and that is literally more powerful than anyone can imagine. What initially may look like a mind map diagram, or even the best conflict-mapping system on earth, can actually be something far more amazing. Our problem is not lack of information, but inability to properly organize it and give it constructive purpose. 

The PeaceMatrix™ is an organization system for the subcomponents of all human conflicts. 

The PeaceMatrix™ is a modeling system that creates geometric models of every scenario and viewpoint of every conflict, categorizing and breaking down its elements under 26 primary question categories (A-Z). If parties watch different media, read different books, or have different values or goals, they are nowhere. But imagine a single drawing board for all of mankind to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate in a solution-oriented manner. With all elements of all conflicts in categories (definitions, wants, history, synchronizing moral perspectives), we can channel attention away from inflammatory issues towards the workable details of problems, and their solutions. 

Such a system may one day give everyone a divine perspective by letting everyone see all sides of every point of every problem. It resolves cognitive dissonance by presenting all viewpoints; your viewpoint of your side, your viewpoint of my side, my viewpoint of your side, my viewpoint of my side, etc., essentially empowering those with functioning prefrontal cortexes. It can make every tribe mighty if morally correct. And since that morality is objectively based on Jerusalem’s 3000+ years of wisdom as a source of Western morality, and invented by a Jew, in a sense, regardless where it is geographically located, the conceptual framework is based on Jerusalem as its moral center. Though, it would be nice if it were in Jerusalem, too. 

The closest conceptual work I am aware of to the PeaceMatrix™ is the work of Ken Wilber, who has been called the “most comprehensive philosophical thinker of our times” by former New York Times Reporter Tony Schwartz per Ken’s book, Eye of the Spirit. Ken Wilber is author of many books including “A Theory of Everything”, and he is the developer of “Integral Theory”, a method of bringing together all disciplines and mapping out all human possibilities applicable to nearly any field under a four-quadrant model called AQAL “All Quadrant All Level”. Those quadrants being self and consciousness, brain and organism, culture and worldview, and social systems and environment. The closest application conceptually to the PeaceMatrix™ that I have found is the application of Ken Wilber’s system to conflict resolution in a book called “Integral Conflict – The New Science of Conflict”, by Richard McGuigan and Nancy Popp. I was lucky enough to discover both Ken Wilber and his work, as well as Integral Conflict – the New Science of Conflict, only after having already completed the fundamentals of PeaceMatrix™’s conceptual design, framework, and basic implementation strategies. The PeaceMatrix™ is designed to do everything their ideas do, but is superior in many ways as I specifically designed the PeaceMatrix™ for conflict resolution. Most of their ideas may largely fit in 1 of 26 categories that make up the PeaceMatrix™ system, the Culture/ideology Chain of the broader, more mega, meta PeaceMatrix™ system. 

What are we organizing?

Since human conflicts are caused by unanswered questions, the PeaceMatrix™ is an organization system of a conflict’s outstanding questions. While answers are almost always wrong, good questions open consciousness and the metaphysical universe of infinite possibilities. For example, if someone calls you a bad name, you can either yell back at them and escalate, or ask them their definition and watch their amygdala shut down and their prefrontal cortex kick in as they suddenly look like a deer in headlights starting to think. People who cannot agree on anything else, may still be able to agree on a question to ask. And then, a series of questions. The system asks questions like the Talmud, then asks another question derived of the previous question, and so on infinitely, until we arrive at answers. My parents will be happy to know that my childhood habit of asking questions to the complete surrender and capitulation of all nearby adults may be fully realized.

The PeaceMatrix™ system is designed to create a living, growing puzzle of outstanding questions representing any conflict, combining understandings of psychology, philosophy, history, domestic and international law, geometry, human nature, neurochemistry, and metaphysics. It allows development of chains of derivative questions, meanwhile extracting and hyper-organizing all of humanity’s best ideas. We use one puzzle, to solve another puzzle. No more wars. It asks “why” like a child. It’s an expansion of global consciousness, for mankind to finally have a divine perspective, to put down the sticks and stones, and finally be able to think. Eventually, every potential and actual conflict on earth may have its own PeaceMatrix™, with the entire world collaborating to solve it. I figured, Jews always love to answer a question with another question, so maybe the way to make the world more peaceful is to make it more Jewish.

The best part is, I don’t need anyone’s permission to implement it. Not that those running the United Nations nor anyone would ever hand over power to anyone else, let alone me. It’s not a power-based system, but a communication system. It’s self-implementing. As it grows and helps resolve more conflicts, theoretically, it’ll draw more power from ineffective systems, increasingly assisting if not replacing the role of every other system of peace-building. Its use will grow and become unavoidable, because nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. 

I know Jews are concerned that any “objective” system will turn against minority Israel like the United Nations, International Courts, international organizations, and so many communities and nations have. Well first, that means we don’t have much to lose. But the system I propose is not a majority-vote democracy in which antisemitism can spread and dominate. Rather, it shows all viewpoints, including contrary viewpoints, and focus is channeled according to depth of constructive analysis. The world is so obsessed with a misconstrued understanding of “democracy” now, that we forget a majority can be mistaken, by belonging to a single viewpoint that is mistaken. Mark Twain agreed, that “whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”   

I know Israelis also have a deep concern of any thing labeled “peace building”, because such systems turn Leftist at the expense of Israel’s security. My system is designed to objectively re-center the world’s moral perspective around the values of Israel, Judaism, the United States, Judeo-Christian values, conservative values of all cultures, and protecting and preserving every beautiful tribe, nation, and people. It has a built-in moral framework that prioritizes quality of viewpoints, rather than political pull or brut numbers, and by a party’s contributions to humanity, longevity, indigenousness, uniqueness, history of non-aggression and non-conquest of others, asking good questions, and the ability to accept diversity of perspectives. Whereas a hostile ideology in conflict cannot withstand a diversity of opinion, with one Jew you already have two opinions. So it is objectively a pro-Jewish system. 

In short, the PeaceMatrix™ is an infinite global chess game of questions where the opponent is the conflict, not the other party. It’s the solution in a world where the logically-flawed ideologies that make war cannot withstand debate, or a multi-perspectived analysis of a few good questions. It’s an ongoing perpetual debate in diagram form until the conflict is solved. It’s not a power governance system, but a communication system. You don’t need an army to defeat another army; you just need to ask them a question they can’t answer. As I have said, the opposite of war is nuance. 

The PeaceMatrix™ is a metaphysical weapon that destroys the elements of conflict. All human conflict. and I believe it will change the world. Maybe instead of a “peace-building system”, I should have called it a “conflict analysis, dissection, chew up, spit out, evaporation, and elimination system.” 

While the theoretical system is merely in its infancy, I’ll show you how it works in the next segment.

End of Part 2

(To be continued in, Adventures of a Young Mashiach, Part 3, also known as, “the good stuff”)

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Daniel was born in Budapest, Hungary, to the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and grew up in New York City. Daniel obtained his Bachelor's degree from Penn State University, has a Juris Doctorate with a specialization in public international law. He is the author of several books and articles, including The PeaceMatrix™, about a theoretical new system for solving all human conflicts. Daniel's approaches to the challenges of anti-Semitism, terrorism, and Israeli and international peace and security combine understandings of psychology, philosophy, law, Judaism and spirituality, and metaphysics.
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