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After 13 years, Malka Leifer finally returned to Australia

Stop everyone from abusing the system

High time to indict all the people who protected her against facing justice and where there are no laws to do so, to create legislation to bring to justice people who abuse the system to neutralize it.

I think of people who hid her, those who tried to shield her by talking to high-ranking people, prominent people who abused their clout, etc.

A lot of safeguards are in place to prevent as much as possible that innocent people would be convicted or even indicted. But those who abuse those preventative measures should face the consequences.

It’s the same as with free speech. That is only for people who are for free speech for everyone. Those who abuse freedom of speech to attack equality of all citizens and democracy should be silenced.

Same with democracy. Those who want to be elected to hamper and dismantle democracy should be blocked from standing for office.

Snobs and others who consider themselves above the law should pay.

Trump has revealed the need to also protect the public against lying, fake news, conspiracy theories, manipulation of facts, whataboutism, name-calling, propaganda, slander, supremacists dog whistles, and power grabs. His abuse also highlighted the free press as indispensable for democracy. Whoever attacks the press is an enemy of society and must be silenced.

And, of course, the ‘free press’ and ‘social media’ that incites is neither and deserve to be blocked and outlawed, not be tolerated for a second.

Social justice demands that we restrain the elites and the over-privileged. A philosophy or world view, that justifies, for some, to consume dozens of times more than their fair share while others starve, slaughters equality.

Anarchists and anti-Zionists who just call on their supporters or the public to disrupt society do not get their unfair share at the marketplace of ideas.

They act very differently from those who constructively want to change or improve the status quo. Calls for change are fine, for destruction are out.

Dissent, passion, and anger are OK, lying, intimidation, and violence not.

Likewise, remove dictatorships from the United Nations and the ICC. If that’s 70% of all countries, so be it. Want to be part of the international conversation? Transform your country into a democracy. But, the UN is there to prevent wars! You can’t negotiate with dictators, only force them. Silenced Peoples and groups must be given a voice instead of their tyrants.

And terrorists claiming to be freedom fighters and liberators get no mike.

State (-sponsored) terrorism is, of course, also terrorism and intolerable.

The murder of Female and Gay family members is terrorism too.

The hardest issue to convey may be that acting irresponsibly to oneself or society can’t be simultaneously ‘protected’ as personal freedom. Those ‘choosing’ to gable away their or others’ lives act at lib but not in Liberty. Rather than freedom, that is carelessness and stupidity. The Netherlands has a nice section about suicide in its laws: It’s forbidden, but if one (tries to) violate that injunction, one doesn’t get punished but gets mental help.

These are not restrictions on justice, free speech, debate, and democracy. These are actions to protect those goods against abuse. Resistance against the resistance means support. Opposition against enemies of equality, peace, and freedom for all is the strengthening of these public goods.

All the links are examples of the text in the news of the last couple of hours.

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