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Dr. Arunas Bubnys
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The first break in the Lithuanian Government’s wall of Holocaust fraud came in May, 2023, when Lithuanian Ambassador Dainius Junevicius admitted one truth – Jonas Noreika was a Holocaust perpetrator. This admission follows Lithuania’s decades long campaign of Holocaust fraud.

Lithuania’s Holocaust fraud has long been known to the whole intelligent world. Dr. Efraim Zuroff, who is known as the Last Nazi Hunter, has been exposing Lithuania’s fraud for decades. Hundreds of pages of newsprint have continually exposed the conspiracy over decades. The latest to reveal the Lithuanian program of Holocaust deception is Britain’s most prestigious newspaper, The Times, who published an article “My ‘war hero’ grandfather was a Jew killer”, and British Times Radio who ran a radio segment titled “I thought my grandad was a hero but actually he was a Nazi”.

Ambassador Junevicius’s admission shattered the Lithuanian conspiracy of Holocaust fraud. He clearly admitted that Lithuania’s veneer of academia, coupled with their intense Holocaust distortion, is nothing but a sham. Lithuania’s Courts are merely rubber stamp Soviet style entities, to validate their antisemitic deceptions. Junevicius was the first to admit the truth. However, one internal admission of a government conspiracy is weak and ineffective, there must be at least two to validate the enormity of the cover-up.

The second confession arrived on August 11, 2023. Lithuanian Government “historian”, Dr. Alfredas Rukšėnas, (the author of some of Lithuania’s Holocaust fictions about Jonas Noreika) admitted the Government’s Holocaust academic research center, the Genocide Center, is not a “scientific” center (i.e. it is not a fact based institution), but rather serves nationalist, pro-Nazi, political interest groups. For Lithuania, history is simply political expediency, not truth.

Lithuanian journalist, Arkadijus Vinokuras published an expose in the Lithuanian press, reporting on the Government’s confession. In other countries, Rukšėnas would have been terminated from employment that same day, along with his boss, Dr. Arunas Bubnys – for perpetrating historical fraud. However, Rukšėnas and Bubnys were doing what they are trained and required to do. Of course they were not fired.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the US Congress, the European Commission, and dozens of legitimate institutions have all examined and reported Lithuania’s Holocaust fraud. For decades I have been exposing Lithuania’s pervasive Holocaust fraud, denial, revision and distortion. I have litigated against the government of Lithuania on this exact topic, many times. My litigation is here:

Clearly, the President, Prime Minister, Parliament, Public Prosecutor and all other government participants colluded in these deceptions.

For many years, I have been exposing the Lithuanian Holocaust fraud in several publications, including my Times of Israel blog here:

The government of Lithuania has previously responded. I have been threatened with Constitutional and criminal charges for bringing their Holocaust fraud conspiracy to light – please read these threats here:

The Lithuanian Ambassador has told authoritative bodies that I am an agent of Russia. Ridiculous. Where they are unable to talk about facts, they shift to disparaging me.

Genocidal Holocaust perpetrator Jonas Noreika’s granddaughter, Silvia Foti acknowledged the Lithuanian Government’s frauds about her own Holocaust perpetrator grandfather. She refers to it as the “greatest criminal cover-up of the 20th Century”. The Lithuanian Government has insulted, ignored and boycotted her.

The film documentarian, Michael Kretzmer, produced the documentary J’Accuse! to expose Lithuania’s Holocaust deceptions to the Court of Public Opinion. The Government of Lithuania continues to boycott the film, and him.

Efraim Zuroff and Ruta Vanagaite brought the fraud to international attention. Dr. Zuroff earned the title of the “Most hated man in Lithuania”, and Ruta was forced to flee Lithuania after threats of violence.

The Israeli American Civic Action Network illustrated the fraud, and presented it to officials of the American government.


Why did dissident activists including Silvia Foti, Michael Kretzmer, Ruta Vanagaite and me, have to bring this to the public’s attention? There are hundreds of Holocaust research organizations around the world. Where have our organizations been? Other than the Israeli American Civic Action Network, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Cape Town Holocaust & Genocide Centre, we have not received assistance or heard from other major organizations. Every single Jewish organization is aware what Lithuania continues to do. If they claim they do not, is it not time for them to get on board?

After Lithuania’s dual confession, it is imperative for Jews worldwide to study the enormity and actuality of how blatant Holocaust revisionists have been allowed to deceive of the world.

It appears to me that Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee (AJC) remains Lithuania’s Jewish shill. They helped Lithuania gain admission to NATO and the EU without ever requiring Lithuania to tell the truth. They have been Lithuania’s staunchest worldwide Jewish supporters and are well decorated with Lithuanian honors and medals. Why?

Yad Vashem platforms foreign leaders. Yad Vashem is fully aware of Lithuania’s Holocaust fraud, yet allows a platform for Lithuanian government officials to virtue signal and distract from their lies. On September 1, 2023, Lithuanian Ambassador designate to Israel, Audrius Brūzga will assume his duties. Will Yad Vashem allow a representative of an unrepentant Holocaust perpetrator nation, to feign sadness at our Hall of Memory? Allowing him to lay a wreath without telling the truth creates a massive mockery of the truth.

Several active members of the organized Jewish community have seemingly prostrated themselves in front of Lithuanian diplomats, for self gain. Some of these same people have accepted Knighthoods and medals from Lithuania, and help Lithuania to further their financial goals, with knowledge of Lithuania’s Holocaust deception. Are we going to silently watch these enabling behaviors? Surely 220,000 murder victims in Lithuania trump individual financial profit?

Lithuania has made an effort to seek those Jews who willingly represent Lithuania as their “Honorary Consuls”. Their job is to represent the official positions of the Lithuanian Government. These Honorary Consuls have made personal choices. They are placing personal opportunism over the authentic memory of the Holocaust. What does this tell us about them?

Holocaust Museums continually allow Lithuanian Diplomats to represent a false narrative in front of Jewish audiences. Are these museums representing victims, or are they providing cover to deniers? Donors to these museums need to know.

Lithuania’s shills have sought and secured speaking engagements for multiple Lithuanian diplomats at synagogues and organizations worldwide. These shills are well aware of Lithuania’s fraud. Congregations trusted them. Are these Congregations going to continue to welcome these shills?

There are those Jewish journalists who know of these Holocaust deceptions yet accept all-expense-paid vacations to Lithuania, ostensibly for “fact-finding”. These junkets are funded by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry. The expected payback is laudatory articles which do not address Holocaust deception. Why do we give these journalists credibility?

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) admits Lithuania as a member. IHRA have previously censured Lithuania for Holocaust revisionism. Lithuania has signed false statements in front of IHRA. IHRA knows this. Why does IHRA allow Lithuania continued membership?

The Victims of Communism Museum in Washington DC accepts “academic” material from the Lithuanian Genocide Center. Since the Lithuanian confession that the Genocide Center is merely a political propaganda center, will every institution worldwide now review their cooperation with the Genocide Center? Does the “Victims of Communism Museum” care about their own integrity? Furthermore, do they risk their federal funding by accepting data and exhibits from admitted propagandists?

The Lithuanian Embassy in London will be holding their annual “Litvak Days” event in November. This annual event usually talks about “happy days” Jews spent in Lithuania, and avoids any “unpleasantness”. Will Jewish participants and attendees allow this event to be used for propaganda purposes, or will they confront facts and demand answers?

The European Union, NATO and other organizations have known for decades that Lithuania is a Holocaust revisionist State. Now, Lithuania has admitted they have an entire government agency established to deceive their European and NATO partners. I repeat – DECEIVE. Lithuania’s ideology is closer to Russia’s than to Europe’s and NATO’s. Why do the EU and NATO afford any credibility to the Lithuanian Government after their own admissions of fraud?

My email:

Below find my email to the Lithuanian Ambassador to Washington DC, Audra Plepyte, and the Lithuanian Consul General in Los Angeles, Laima Jureviciene:

Neither Ambassador replied. They do not reply about their Holocaust deceptions when questioned by the US Congress, nor do they respond to the world’s biggest press organizations. So, why do our Jewish organizations give Lithuania any platform at all? Platforming an open deceiver can only generate more deceptions.

The consequence of Lithuania’s admitted dishonesty is a clear acknowledgement that Lithuania’s government institutions and courts are engineered to deceive, and do not meet civilized standards of truth or justice. This makes business deals impossible.

Our concern has always been, and will continue to be, preserving the authentic memory of the Holocaust. There is no doubt we will need to construct a genuine relationship between Jews and Lithuania. For this, I recommend a five-step building process

  1. The government of Lithuania must revoke national honors for all their Holocaust perpetrator national heroes.
  2. Government officials have already admitted the fraud. It is insufficient. This has been a long term, deliberately implemented official program of Holocaust deception. The President of Lithuania should go on national television and admit the full and complete truth of the Holocaust cover up.
  3. Lithuania needs to create a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to tell the whole truth of who committed the murders, and how the Genocide Center, Government and Courts continue to cover up their crimes.
  4. Lithuania must go through a lustration process and remove public officials and judges who are associated with this revolting ideology. Lustrating begins with vetting—a review of conduct and competency. Judges who ruled on instruction rather than fact, need to be exposed for their judicial misconduct and removed. Government workers who committed Holocaust fraud should be fired and their state pensions revoked. Antisemitic government workers at the Migration Department who deliberately reject Jewish applications for citizenship should be fired and their state pensions denied. Dr. Bubnys and Dr. Rukšėnas should be terminated from their positions at the Genocide Center. Untainted foreign academics must be recruited to manage the Genocide Center until it can either be closed, or transformed into a legitimate scientific unit.
  5. As an act of contrition, sincere apology and an attempt at redemption, Lithuania should welcome every Jew of Lithuanian heritage with a grant of Lithuanian citizenship. A mass grant would negate the application process and be a genuine first indication of reconciliation.

Lithuanians committed the murders. The Lithuanian Government commits the fraud. Lithuania mocks the Holocaust. Lithuania is laid naked. They will now be forced to tell the full truth, and when they do, the questions will become:

  1. Why they fought truth so hard, so aggressively, so vehemently, and for so long.
  2. Why they continued to lie for so many years after the truth was revealed.
  3. Why the deceptions traveled from the highest levels of their government, on down.

Lithuania’s problems are all of their own making. Lithuania, it is time for an honest conversation.

About the Author
Grant Arthur Gochin currently serves as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Togo. He is the Emeritus Special Envoy for Diaspora Affairs for the African Union, which represents the fifty-five African nations, and Emeritus Vice Dean of the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the second largest Consular Corps in the world. Gochin is actively involved in Jewish affairs, focusing on historical justice. He has spent the past twenty five years documenting and restoring signs of Jewish life in Lithuania. He has served as the Chair of the Maceva Project in Lithuania, which mapped / inventoried / documented / restored over fifty abandoned and neglected Jewish cemeteries. Gochin is the author of “Malice, Murder and Manipulation”, published in 2013. His book documents his family history of oppression in Lithuania. He is presently working on a project to expose the current Holocaust revisionism within the Lithuanian government. He is Chief of the Village of Babade in Togo, an honor granted for his philanthropic work. Professionally, Gochin is a Certified Financial Planner and practices as a Wealth Advisor in California, where he lives with his family. Personal site:
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