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Ageism in Israeli Workplaces: Insights & Tips

Myth: “Ageism in Israel’s Job Market”

Fact: Align Yourself with Organizations that Value Experience and Diversity!

Ageism is a challenge not unique to Israel; it’s a worldwide issue. In many job markets, individuals over a certain age may face prejudices or stereotypes that affect their job search. This can include assumptions about technological literacy, adaptability, or willingness to learn new skills.

But here’s the truth: Experience often brings unparalleled expertise, problem-solving abilities, and a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Navigating Ageism:

One strategy to navigate potential ageism is to research companies thoroughly. Look for companies run by older individuals or where the management team consists of experienced professionals. You can do this by checking for pictures online and assessing the average age of employees even before applying.

Another strategy is not to include information in your CV that can bias the hiring team. Picture, age, family status, and graduation year are a few examples of things you shouldn’t include in your CV. Consider this: how does your age, your family status, or the number of children you have affect your ability to do a great job? None. So don’t add them to your CV!

I heard from a group I participate in that they aren’t interested in hiding that information. It’s fine, it’s your choice what you want to include in your CV. However, never forget that you can only change yourself – the person on the other side is beyond your control.

By aligning yourself with organizations that value experience and diversity, you can save time and focus your efforts on opportunities where your skills are truly appreciated. Don’t waste your valuable time applying to companies that may not align with your career goals.

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Hello! I'm Carol, an HR Professional with a background in Business Consultancy (ex- EY). I faced my own challenges when seeking a qualified job in Israel. After a few years, I transitioned into high-tech, embracing a new profession - Talent Acquisition. This journey has given me a unique perspective on both sides of the job search process. Having hired many internationals, I've developed a deep passion for supporting them as they integrate into the Israeli workforce. I believe in the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
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