Agriculture’s “Annual World Cup” is Back in Town

fruits_sweet_fruit_smallFresh Agro Mashov international Fresh Produce Summit and Exhibition also tagged as the “agriculture’s annual World Cup” is holding its annual agricultural products exhibition at the Israel Fairs & Conventions Center, Tel-Aviv, June 23-24, 2015 where it will facilitate a cooperation of all stakeholders in the fresh agricultural products. This will entail display of fresh farm produce by key upcoming companies, as well as large scale farmers around the globe. The exhibition will be a fair ground for potential clients, as it will create a detailed display for all products brought in by different companies. It will as well build the production traits, as companies will have a base to learn from each other in the time of the exhibition.

The exhibition is an ideal platform for marketing and growth. Exhibitors are well-rounded as they have different production lines running; from familiar fruits and vegetables to production of new and experimental varieties. Visitors as well as exhibitors will also have the chance of learning about the latest trends and advanced agricultural technology.

Alongside the exhibition, an interesting summit has been set up once again by the scientific committee during which speakers from all around the world will elaborate on emerging production trends in different parts of the world. To give you a small “taste” of it – this year an international conference on avocado will be held as well as this healthy fruit crop is increasing its popularity worldwide and its consumption has doubled in Europe and even tripled itself in the USA over the last decade. avocado_188851_small_free download
The conference aims to contribute to the continued development and prosperity of the avocado industry and attracts buyers and retail chains, growers and exporters.

For exhibitors:
Like in any exhibition, marketing products and services is extremely important.

Guidelines on the planning and conducting of a successful exhibition can be read in “Orchestrating a Successful Exhibition“, a series of blog posts I wrote about basic preparations involved for the planning of a successful exhibition.

Some quick tips:

  1. Ensure that the booth display looks impressive and inspiring: It cannot be underestimated the importance of making sure your stand looks fabulous. Your stand is your shop window for the day. It is how your potential clients will judge you.
  2. Ensure there is enough and that the marketing literature is precise. In case it doesn’t look attractive or its content is not written aimed for your target audience, now it is time to take care of that
  3. Ensure the team looks welcoming and friendly. Train your booth personnel ahead of time
  4. Ensure that you have the right lead generation mechanisms in place and set up. This is in addition to clear messaging

Good luck and hope to see you at Agromashov.

Free entrance to the exhibition is provided to those who make use of early registration.

About the Author
Arielle Adler was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Israel since 1993. She is an International marketing, corporate communications and channel marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience at international B2B and B2C companies in various industries.
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