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Al Aqsa: Hamas’s third largest weapons depot

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Western governments have not yet learned that the Palestinians, through their diplomatic headquarters, mount a lying propaganda that is very damaging to our own countries.

Another month of Ramadan in which Hamas and Palestinian terrorism have desecrated the Al-Aqsa Mosque calling for chaos, disorder and an attempt to get Israel involved in the very strong internal struggle for control of Palestinian territorial leadership between the Palestinian Authority and various groups in the Gaza Strip.

Western governments have not yet learned that the Palestinians, through their diplomatic headquarters, mount a lying propaganda that is very damaging to our own countries.

As every year, the month of Ramadan, an important month for Muslims, began peacefully: from 24 March, thousands of the faithful came to Friday prayers in the Al Aqsa area and showed the world a picture of a manifest reality in Israel: respect for religious freedom is a fundamental pillar in a country where 23% of the population is Arab Muslim.

The guarantee of professing a religion other than the country’s official religion is not an point that exists comfortably in any Islamic country. Even with differences, from the Kingdom of Morocco to Iraq, Christian, Jewish and other minorities within Islam are subjected to harassment, expulsion or death when they dissent from the prevailing policy of Arabisation or forced Islamisation. It is worth noting that being Arab does not mean being Muslim, and that is why many minority communities within Islam, such as the Berber people in Morocco and Algeria, have found themselves beset by Arabisation projects promoted by governments since their entry into the Arab League in the mid-twentieth century.

As if making way for an army of occupation, Hamas terrorist factions, who have ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007, began to brandish the Al Aqsa Mosque no longer as Islam’s third holiest site, but as a storehouse of weapons, shells and fireworks to be fired at Jews entering the Wailing Wall during Pesach.

Hamas attacks Israel 2021

The mosque is, by Muslims’ own definition, the third holiest site in Islam. There is not a Palestinian mosque, museum or activist around the world who does not refer to it as the reason for their claim to Jerusalem, thus ignoring the Jewish people’s historical ownership of their indivisible capital. Yet it is in that very mosque that, in addition to storing ammunition, young Palestinian Arabs play football and use the surrounding area as public toilets. At least in my case, I have never been to a church where worshippers urinate or defecate in the vicinity or where the altar of Christian churches is also a space where stones and sticks are piled up. The Palestinian Arab conception of the sacred is a bit special.

In doing so, they are not only disrespecting others, but desecrating their own sites. This, quite rightly and logically, would never be allowed in Mecca and Medina, the truly holy sites of Islam, under Saudi Arabia’s guardianship.

Between 8 and 9 April, mainstream media correspondents in the Middle East began to headline incidents at the Al Aqsa Mosque, echoing classic Palestinian propaganda: Israel has entered the third holiest site and expelled Palestinians praying there, reinforcing the system of apartheid and occupation that Israel has maintained since 1967. This slander was replicated on social networks by the official account of the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates and reached other diplomatic missions such as those of Spain and Argentina.

Those who replicate the propaganda machine, no longer of the Palestinians but of Hamas, do not indicate any context to explain why the Israeli security forces had to enter Al Aqsa after the first ten days of Ramadan had behaved normally. On the evening of 5 April, Pesach, the Jewish Passover, began and with it the fire of Palestinian Arab intolerance was stoked: after 75 years, they have not learned that Zionism is not a system of oppression, but a historical and legitimate right of Jews to self-determination in the land of Israel, and that Arab countries that have a real influence on regional politics (such as the Gulf states) have long since seen Israel not as an enemy, but as an ally in the face of advancing Islamic extremism and Iranian power.

It is as incoherent as it is inhumane to expect Israeli forces not to act knowing that Hamas, the organisation that promotes the extermination of the Jewish people on a daily basis, has entered Al Aqsa to barricade itself and turn the mosque into one of the operational bases of terrorism like the ones they have in the Gaza Strip camouflaged in civilian structures.

Public opinion in the West is contaminated by a propaganda machine that uses Hamas channels as a source of information that not only replicates historic Palestinian Arab victimhood, but is also amplified by Palestinian diplomatic headquarters abroad through their social media accounts. The distorted reality purports to show Israel as responsible for the breakdown of the status quo in Jerusalem, but the reality is that it is the Palestinian leadership itself that strives day in and day out not to contain the spiral of violence and extermination that they themselves have incubated.

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