Al Franken, Cedar Riverside And Somebody Is Sitting in Someone’s Chair In “Occupied Territory”


The timing could not have been any better for a masterpiece by Jane Mayer to appear in The New Yorker entitled “The Case of Al Franken – A close look at the accusations against the former senator dated July 22.

This article included a detailed analysis of what the charges were, how the case blew out of all proportion with the final result being the forced resignation of Al Franken on December 7. 2017. In her report Mayer noted that then Senator Franken was in favor of calling for an independent investigation into his own conduct. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, immediately endorsed Franken’s request and the process began. But Schumer never saw to it that the process was satisfactorily completed, nor even got off the ground from what I understood.

So in the beginning of December, 2017 more women accusers came forward to state their case. And it just became more and more difficult for Al Franken to be seen by the public as the real person he is and has always been. At the end Franken decided to approach Schumer to meet privately in his apartment with Franken’s wife there as well. And Schumer gave Franken a deadline to resign before the end of that day.

According to Mayer, Franken became very shaken by the whole process and asked his chief of staff “Do you think I’m this terrible person? Then the article states that Franken wanted to fight on, but his children worried about his well-being and everyone’s biggest concern was that he remained a pariah, who could not represent Minnesota effectively. And this whole episode ended Al Franken’s senate stay.

This affected Franken so badly that he became clinically depressed and was not totally cognitive. That required him to take medication.

I want to publically thank Jane Mayer for doing such an outstanding job which finally tells us the real story behind Al Franken’s resignation. In reality, Jane has basically done the Senate’s job of looking into allegations surrounding Al Franken which most probably would have resulted in Al being in the Senate today.

This story makes me extremely upset because if you don’t know already, Al Franken lived in St. Louis Park before his rise to stardom with SNL. I met many people who knew Al and confirmed what Jane Mayer said in the article about Al Franken as a person, and proud American whose job was to make us all laugh. But also the article said Al and his family considered him a Minnesotan and was concerned what the people of Minnesota would think if he continued to stay on as Senator. He was a down to earth guy and looked after the good people of Minnesota like we were all part of his family.

And now I’m going to turn briefly to one of the four Squad members who also claims she is a proud Minnesotan. Problem with that is the only thing she has been talking about is her love for the Palestinians and hate for the Jews, Israel, America and its people.

What happened to her education she claims she received at the school named after one of Minnesota’s most well-known and respected politicians. I have not heard any ideals in her speech since she was elected that reflect what or who HHH stood for.

She does not show concern for the people in her district, but would rather lie to them like she did in a synagogue when asked if she supported BDS. And then regarding the help America and the Cedar Riverside area gave her when she first came, nothing was said about that either. Instead she has publically shown her support for terrorists and terrorism by admitting she took terrorism classes and praising those groups who support terrorism.

Now take a look at the report appearing on the Alpha news site which says that the Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside neighborhood has seen a massive increase in violent crimes from 2010 to 2017.

Authorities put the blame on a violent rivalry between St. Paul and Minneapolis East African gangs. There has been no consensus on how to fight the increase in crime. Local businesses would like an increase in police on the street but some youth would like less police presence. Sounds exactly like Omar doesn’t it?

The rise of Somali gangs is not new to Minnesota. In 2009 CBS reported that somewhere between 400-500 Somali youth were active in gangs.

Some of the active gangs include Somali Hot Boyz, the Somali Mafia and Madhibaan with Attitude.

Many members of the Somali community have been frustrated by the lack of action against the gang violence.

“It was all gang activity, totally, 100 percent,” said Shukri Adan, a former Somali community organizer “The police don’t want to say that but everybody else knows that.”

So if Omar came in 1997 and things were going from bad to worse then, it makes sense that Omar should have taken action to stop it. But it appears that she was one of those to encourage it, given the story about her asking for a reduced sentence for terrorist recruits about ten years ago who were planning on joining ISIS.

I have written in previous Blogs about Cedar Riverside as witnessed by two close friends of my Uncle Phil Richter who owned a Pharmacy there for many years. So knowing the type of neighborhood it was at that time, it makes no sense that suddenly Minneapolis and primarily Cedar Riverside is listed as the largest terrorist recruitment center in the US as confirmed by the FBI.

This alone should make you wonder why Omar is still in Congress, but now considering another story that just came out on Alpha which goes into a whole analysis of Omar’s marriage history; this only confirms that Omar should have been sent packing from Congress a long time ago.

If you want to argue that Omar needs to have a proper hearing to lay out the evidence that is non-sense given what I have just revealed about Al Franken’s forced resignation without a hearing.

And if you want to argue that Omar was voted in so we have to wait until the next election, then I want to remind you what Squad member AOC said recently to a crowd of people referring to President Donald Trump-

“If he wants to choose who he wants to be President to, then that’s not a President”. Well AOC you must mean that since Omar is choosing who she wants to be Congresswoman to, she also should not be a Congresswoman in the first place and let President Trump “Send Her Back”

In Summary, with Al Franken now basically cleared of all wrong doing, he should be reinstated to Congress immediately. And if Congress cannot find a seat for Al Franken at the moment, then they should remove Omar immediately who does not represent Minnesota or the values a Congresswoman should demonstrate while doing her job.

Then Omar will have finally solved the problem she keeps on talking about that does not exist in Israel but does exist in the US Congress in the very same seat she sits in OCCUPIED TERRITORY.

Once Omar goes, maybe the other Squad members will follow and we will have solved the problem that exists in Congress otherwise known as “The Tower of Babel”










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