Alive and Kicking

Talk about a tough day to be a dual citizen of the United States and Israel.

I began it watching the live televised impeachment hearing for President Donald Trump in Washington, and ended it watching Israel’s attorney general announce the bribery, fraud, and breach of trust charges he was filing against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

My opinions of both leaders aside, as I watched the two historic events, I took comfort in knowing that no matter how dysfunctional my two countries may be, I don’t live in North Korea. Democracy may be showing signs of wear and tear around the world, but I’m not running to Iran.

If Donny really believes he’s gotten such a raw deal in America, let him set up shop in Manilla. And Bibi can move to Moscow, if he thinks Democracy is dying in Jerusalem.

I’m staying put in Israel, to honor free speech, pay respect to religious freedom,

promote equal rights for women,

support public education for all,

celebrate Israel’s culture,

and remember its history,

Let the US congressional impeachment hearings, and the three cases of Israel vs. Benjamin Netanyahu, go forward. They are both healthy signs of the two countries’ vigor, not their downfalls.

About the Author
Born in Edison, New Jersey, Marc Kornblatt worked as an actor, playwright, journalist, and children's book author in New York City, before moving to Wisconsin where he taught elementary school. He began filming music videos with his students, which led to short narratives, documentaries, and the founding of his indie production company Refuge Films. He has produced several Israel-based documentaries and the award-winning web series, ROCK REGGA. Having settled in Tel Aviv this past summer, he is currently at work on a new web series, OLEH HADASH, which documents his experience as a new citizen of Israel.
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