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Aliyah: 10 years later — best decision ever

We are living the dream, no doubt about it.  In all its complexities and challenges, differences in culture and systems, the way “things” work (or don’t work), we love it.  The friends we have made are friends to last a lifetime, the community we’ve become a part of is the community we’ve always searched for — and the life we live — it’s the life we’ve always wanted.

Some of you may be thinking about Zionism as the catalyst, “settling the land”, a return to Zion — sure that’s romantic; for us its about quality of life, its just better here.

I remember following every visit to Israel, wondering why I wasn’t staying?  What was I waiting for?  An invitation?  A job offer?  A red carpet?  Ever since I was a kid, I remember visiting and feeling that with every step I took my feet would sink deeper and deeper into the land, and with every breath I took, I felt as though I’d breathe deeper and deeper into my soul, and with every goodbye at Ben Gurion Airport, I would wonder “why?”  I just wanted to be here, in Israel.

Are you thinking of Aliyah?  What’s stopping you?  On our 10-year Aliyah-niversary, if you’re interested, I’m sharing my top 10 things to do:  

  1. Open an Aliyah file — Contact Nefesh B’Nefesh or the Jewish Agency, let them know you’re interested. You do not have to commit!
  2. Seek out like-minded individuals — Single? Married?  With Children? Occupation?  Hobbies?
  3. Veteran Olim — Set up meetings with people who made Aliyah. Learn about their experiences.  Ask questions and educate yourself.
  4. Talk to your loved ones, close friends, people you trust — tell them what’s on your mind. Bring them along on your journey. Don’t keep it to yourself.
  5. Israeli Culture and News — Listen to Israeli music, check out the Israeli art scene, learn about what keeps Israelis up at night.
  6. Register to Nefesh B’Nefesh’s newsletter — be in the know.
  7. Research Schools — what kind of school would you want your child to attend?
  8. Ulpan — if not a native Hebrew speaker, look up immersive Hebrew learning programs.
  9. Pilot trip — set up a visit to Israel. Reach out to your contacts, set up meetings, and learn about communities you’d consider living in.
  10. Just do it!

Live your life, give it a shot — you can always go back.

Until then — Living The Dream

About the Author
Rabbi Leor Sinai is a global presenter and thought leader in the field of Education Diplomacy, he is a Legacy Heritage Foundation Fellow, and Doctoral Candidate in the field of Education Leadership. Sinai is on the boards of Kol Yisrael-United Zionists, serves as Chair of the Youth Aliyah sub-committee at the Jewish Agency for Israel, and is an organizational consultant in the fields of Israel Engagement and Leadership Development. Sinai made Aliyah with his family in 2011.
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