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Aliyah Diary: Part 4


It is a strange feeling… After so many days, weeks, and months of high stress “gotta get things done before the lift comes!” The relief is a welcome treat!

The lift came yesterday at 10am (they told us 9am, but hey! At least the timing was better than the day before!) We watched as they skillfully (and I mean, these guys are seriously good at Tetris!) packed away all of our life into a small 20-foot container. We had our “A-List”, “B-List”, and “C-List” items all clearly marked and prepared for them to load. We watched as our living room, dining room, children’s toys, etc… were all packed neatly and tightly into the container. We said “see you later” to all of our belongings.

Word of advice, buy drinks, and pizza for your movers! Changes the whole game! (Although, you may not wanna buy 5 pies for 4 guys… I panicked a little…) After spending the day making sure everything that we needed was placed onto the lift first, and then figuring out with the foreman how much of the stuff that we wanted would be able to go on, the lift was full to capacity, the doors were closed, and our belongings began their own part of our journey home.

The truck left. No more panic. No more anxiety. No more fear of what was going to make it on the lift. Just calm… Just relief… We did it! We fit as much of our lives into that box as we could, and sent it! We even fit more of our lives than we thought we would be able to! During this whole experience so far, there is one major thing that I have been struggling with. That is the idea of “אין עוד מלבדו”‎ (Ayn Ode Mil Vah Doe, “there is none but Him [God]”). It is the idea of “letting go, and letting God.” I have been struggling to remember that at the end of the day, everything that we have is from God. Everything that we need comes from God. And that, as long as I do what I am supposed to do, as long as I take care of my duties, God will take care of the rest (in whatever way He decides). This is a long-term project for myself, something that I try to think about every day (think of I-695 in Baltimore, only hopefully with more success).

There have been many sacrifices that we have ALREADY made for this move, and we know that there are more sacrifices to come, but we know deep down, that this is the right thing for us to do. That regardless of the struggles, returning to our ancestral Homeland, returning to our roots is something that we need to do. Something that we are willing to sacrifice for. There is one week left until our flight! I’m sure there will be more stress and anxiety, but right now I am basking in this sweet relief!

Love you all!

To all of our friends and family who took the time to help us over the past few weeks, and months. To the friends who have sent us encouraging messages, who have invited us for meals, and who have come over to just hang out with us during this crazy and hectic time… Thank you… Your support for us has been incredible. We are beyond blessed to have you… I don’t think you can even know how much just your thoughts and presence has meant to us.

We love you

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My family and I made Aliyah in August this past summer. A few weeks before we made Aliyah, I began a small Facebook blog, just to share our experiences, good and bad. I then upgraded to WordPress. In the blog, I share about everyday life as an Oleh Chadash in Israel. I share about our wins and our struggles with adapting to our new life here in the Holy Land.
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