All victims of Hamas deserve Moral Clarity & tears.

The uncountable thousands of innocent victims of Hamas War Crimes inside both Gaza and Israel deserve Moral Clarity and copious tears. The casualties in Gaza are just as much Hamas’ responsibility as those in Israel. The world needs all public figures to lead with statements of Moral Clarity. In the fog of war extraordinarily little is clear, but these things are:

  1. Hamas war crimes are responsible for kidnaping, torture, rape, injury, and/or death of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza and Israel and our humanity must compel us to mourn for all the victims, even if they differ from us in religion, race, ethnicity, and/or nationality.
  2. It is clear all innocent victims on both sides of the border would be alive and well if not for Hamas War Crimes
      1. barbarism in Israel
      2. deliberately placing their military assets where massive collateral civilian casualties are inevitable.
      3. obstructing the evacuation of and interfering with civilians leaving areas of battle. (using Human Shields)
  3. It is clear any “right to resist [occupation] and self-defense is subject to the rules of international humanitarian law, including the respect of the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants. So, in short: Right to resist, including armed resistance: Yes. Right to indiscriminately kill or target civilians: No. It’s as simple as that.” [Pro-Palestinian source ]
  4. It is clear the IDF has extremely strong internal processes and safeguards to prevent disproportionate harm to civilians. The IDF is taking “precautions in attack that far exceed those required by the LOAC.”  Pg 136 by US Naval War College experts] Leading with Moral Clarity requires that leaders state this explicitly and not make ambiguous statements about Israel’s right to defend itself within international law.

We need to accept that these things are obscured by the fog of war and HAMAS deceit.

  1. The actual number of innocent civilian casualties because Hamas:
    1. lies and
    2. does not differentiate between terrorists and civilians.
    3. recruits children as terrorists
    4. includes casualties caused by Palestinian missiles which fall in Gaza.
    5. includes victims of Hamas tyrannical executions
  2. Actual events in Gaza are obscured by totalitarian control on all speech.
  3. The military justification and detailed “proportionality” assessment behind every attack by Israel. Legitimate defense needs cause all countries to keep military intelligence secret.
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Made Aliya from the greater NYC area in 2021.
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