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Amalek on amphetamines

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We have become reacquainted with our ancient and far-too-familiar foe. Meet Amalek – the Torah’s archetype of evil. Our ‘eternally irreconcilable’ enemy. A warring nation who notoriously attacked the Hebrews fleeing Egypt; infamously hitting the rear – our ailing, our infants, our innocents. An ‘Am lak’, a people who lick blood.  

We are living that fated line from the Passover Seder ‘Vehi sh’amda’ – ‘In every generation our enemies rise up to destroy us’. We have arrived at our generational cross-road out of Egypt; attacked by this modern Amalek on their roaring white tenders flanked by gunners. We met their motorcyclists, their murder-cyclists, b’derech along the Southern roads and saw the depths of their depravity as they beheaded and raped their way through the kibbutzim on a quiet Saturday. 

Amalek is described as a people “undeterred by fear of God, who cut down the weak and tired.” (Deut. 25:18) But Hamas has taken this national gestalt one harrowing step further. 

Not only have they slaughtered our children, they slaughter their own. Anyone with a basic ‘fear of God’ puts their innocents at the back for protection. And yet, Hamas overturns this essential human impulse of decency. They force their innocents to the front line for protection of their killers. We protect the fragile; they manipulate them. Hamas has reportedly slaughtered their own people as they try to escape this sacrificial altar.

This is institutionalized child abuse on a national level. Denouncing Israel for the deaths of Gazan civilians ignores and excuses the tragic truth of Hamas’ diabolical tactics of using citizens for human shields. Every time a global leader castigates Israel as the murderer, this inhumane tactic gets rewarded and reinforced. 

This is Amalek on amphetamines. 

The footage from Al-Rantisi children’s hospital displays the ultimate symbol of this war – the hospitals housing Hamas. Here we behold the irony of hospitals where the ill are used as shields. The very places dedicated to saving lives are being used as havens for those who defile lives. (See evidence in the video below.)

Once again the most basic human formula of decency has been turned on its head. 

Hamas is Amalek on Amphetamines.

This is the indecency Israel is called to battle. “Blot out the memory of Amalek. Do not forget.” (Deut. 25:19). Our historic Biblical mission is being repeated in full display in modern history. The Israeli people are the long-designated warriors, fighting for the sake of the weak ones, the innocents, the stragglers, in Israel, in Gaza and as a model for human decency and ‘the fear of God’ across the globe. May the world and her leaders wake up to and denounce Hamas and their Amalekite tactics as the true enemy.

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