American Cops and Israel Face a Common Enemy: Liberal Land

It is easy for someone like Quentin Tarantino to protest against “police brutality” if he isn’t a policeman in New York. It is easy for leftist Jews to say, “Just give up land for peace” if they haven’t had to experience the results of the Oslo, Wye-River and Gazan disengagements. “Liberal Land” thrives in communities that do not face the consequences of their policy and rhetoric.

Law and order is hard to find in the world right now (unless you go to Hulu or Netflix). The Middle East is in a perpetual religious conflict between Sunni and Shia, Latin America remains mired with drugs and cartels, Asia is fearful of a growing Red China manipulating its currency and annexing islands, Europe is juggling a refugee crisis with the economic consequences of letting Greece spend freely for years, and Africa remains a poster child for Hollywood charity causes. Most people know the world I have just described as an unfortunate reality. However, there is a perverse strain of Liberalism finding root in the academic and political circles of  America and Israel that would describe the ills of planet Earth in a different way, one that I will call and describe as “Liberal Land”.

In “Liberal Land”, the biggest reason there is no law and order can be painted in silhouettes of a racist America and Israel. “Liberal Land” puts on a blinder to the world falling apart around it and instead creates a narrative where America and Israel should be singled out for condemnation. In “Liberal Land”, the reason why #BlackLivesMatter and the Palestinian Authority have physical confrontations against cops and Jews is not because those movements seek conflict, it is because America is racist… and it is because Israel is racist.

Obviously it goes without saying that there are racists in America and there are racists in Israel.  There is not a people in all of history that have not had its share of racists.  In fact, we learn in Numbers 12:1 that Moses’ siblings displayed racism when “Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite”.  The narrative “Liberal Land” creates, that America and Israel should be condemned because of their racism is not necessarily wrong… it is just painfully naive in the face of the true problems in the world.

It makes sense that this “Liberal Land” narrative appeals to some in America and Israel. Academic and political elites in these countries live in nicer houses and have better lives on the average than most of their fellow citizens.  It is easy to feel guilty for others lack of success.  I believe that humans generally say to themselves “what can I have done better to solve this problem?”.  This leads to the false caricatures and judgement of Michael Brown and Ahmad Manasra being pure victims instead of the more mixed picture we got after some time went by.

The other problem with this narrative is that “Liberal Land”  is appealing to those such as Ayatollah Khamenei and other criminals in the international circle who feed off of the “Liberal Land Band Apology Tour” (can I copyright that term?) to give legitimacy to their genocidal causes. Here is a tweet from the now-Jesus loving Ayatollah explaining why he fights against the U.S. and Israel:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 4.03.46 PM

Not only are these naive leftists tougher on their own country than, they also give legitimacy to countries that want to destroy us.  The Ayatollah’s genocidal rhetoric to end western civilization doesn’t seem so crazy to his own people that may be predisposed to support us if we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

In “Liberal Land”, both  Michael Brown and Ahmad Mansra are victims of American and Israeli racism who could do no wrong, even though we now know otherwise.  As the wider world continues to fall apart and reality is infiltrated by the “Liberal Land” rhetoric, the American police forces and the nation of Israel should take comfort knowing that they both still stand for law and order in a world full of disarray.

About the Author
Jonathan Brodo is a college graduate from Tulane University with a BA in Political Economy. Born outside of Philadelphia, Jonathan aims to be a voice for the politically conservative Jewish youth as he starts his career in politics. Views expressed here are of the author and not of any organization or candidate.
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