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Every year in June my daughter and I remember a boy who died in Iraq. His mother and I are no longer friends because she is an ardent Trump supporter – her choice, the weekend the Access Hollywood tapes were released. (Ironic that she despised power-hungry, misogynist religious leaders, but was blind to the same qualities in a malignant narcissist such as Trump.) At this point, I think everyone in America has a story of such deep divides among family and friends.

Well, every moment this boy served, he and all the troops depended on the Intelligence from the CIA, who Trump denigrates and slanders. He served alongside Democrats, too. And Europeans were there, as well.

So, all the patriots who think Trump is their King and Messiah should see this coming…he has turned on everyone, and at some point, he’ll be coming for his loyal fools, too.

And if you stand by silently while he attacks the FBI, the CIA the Federal Judges, the hardworking American press, Americans of every stripe and color, don’t bother to call yourself a patriot. And I have not even gotten to the Russians, America’s adversary.

All Trump wants is to feed his ego and line his bathrobe pockets. It is the great shame of this country that even 38% will follow him down any disgusting hole his maniacal mind takes him. Even when he destroys the alliances that have kept America safe.

No matter how he lies and pontificates, he can’t turn back our technological and renewable future. No matter how he and Pence and the Republicans try to grope women’s healthcare, they cannot undo feminism. No matter how corrupt their efforts, we will not roll back civil rights.

Tonight my daughter will sing in memory of my father, who served honorably in WW2. But just as importantly, my dad spent his life involved in politics. He was dedicated to progress. When Watergate was happening, I had the opportunity to go to camp in Canada. But I refused to go unless my parents promised to send me regular news on the Watergate scandal. I was thinking this morning about how my dad sent me news clippings on Watergate several times per week for an entire summer. He would have been appalled at the sheer stupidity of what we are witnessing.

From every corner of our country, we will fight back against Trump and his sinister crew. We will work to resist his destruction of America’s moral and geopolitical leadership in the world. We will not sacrifice America at the hands of your self-deception.

Republicans, Trump, you can’t hide.This national charade of playing ostrich is coming to an end. If you support Trump, you might as well hang the Russian flag on your porch come this 4th of July.

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Dana is a Jewish feminist, writer and poet. She is passionate about kindness, spirituality, the artist's voice, and speaking out for the vulnerable. She lives in New York.
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