American support is strong!! Also the youth

Analysis of Harvard Harris poll

Despite all the campus noise American’s overwhelmingly support Israel – 80% support Israel vs Hamas….75% hold Iran responsible. 18-24’s also support Israel.

I won’t pretend not to be concerned with the protests taking place across the US and elsewhere but a little big picture context is needed.

Every month since October ’23 I have tracked and posted about the monthly HarvardHarris poll and its results. I have consistently provided my analysis (my personal opinion) and the results this month are very clear.

1.      Support for Israel remains high. In answer to the following questions the following %s were recorded:

In this conflict do you support more Israel or more Hamas? 80% said “Israel” up from 79% in March

Do you think Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties in fighting its war against Hamas or not trying to avoid such casualties? 67% said “Trying to Avoid” up from 66% in March

Do you think the crisis in Gaza is created mostly by Israel or mostly by Hamas? 71% said Mostly Hamas (67% in March)

2.      People clearly see Iran’s hand in events. In response to the question:

Do you think that Iran is responsible for the attacks on Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah or do you think Iran is not really behind these attacks? 75% said Iran is responsible

3.      People understand Israel’s need to complete the task at hand. In response to the question:

Should Israel move forward with an operation in Rafah to finish the war with Hamas, doing its best to avoid civilian casualties even though there will be casualties, or should it back off now and allow Hamas to continue running Gaza? 72% state that that Israel should move forward with an operation.

Interestingly, although lower, in all the above questions the youth (18-24) the responses are +50% in the direction of favorability towards Israel.

American support for Israel despite the noise has remained high. I personally appreciate that this support exists and it gives me a measure of reassurance in a crazy world

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