Andee Goldman
Andee Goldman
Overseas Voting Consultant

Americans Overseas ~ Ready to vote in upcoming primary elections!

U.S. elections are in full swing until November! Here are some of the seats and offices you can expect to see on your 2020 ballot.

“It’s more essential now than ever to cast your ballot. While the importance of voting has been hammered into your head since the day you turned 18, some of you probably still wonder, what’s the point?   Election results can often come down to a select few who decided voting is worth the effort.” Andra Chantim

Register to vote and request your absentee ballot at now for the states below:  The following states have elections in the next 120 days: P- Presidential Primary; S- State Primary; D- District Primary; T- Territory Primary       ** Denotes a recent change in date

Note: This information is current as of June 1, 2020. Election dates marked with an asterisk are updated and state-approved. As further changes may occur, please check the election calendars and state pages at for real-time information.

June 2020:

June 2: **Delaware (P); District of Columbia (P,D); **Indiana (P, S); Iowa (S); **Maryland (P,S); Montana (P,S); New Mexico (P,S); **Pennsylvania (P,S); **Rhode Island (P); South Dakota (P,S)

June 7: Puerto Rico (P,T)

June 9: Georgia (P,S); Nevada (S); North Dakota (S); South Carolina (S); **West Virginia (P,S)

June 20: **Louisiana (P)

June 23: **Kentucky (P,S); Mississippi (State Primary Runoff); **New York (P,S); North Carolina (Federal Primary Runoff); South Carolina (State Primary Runoff); **Virginia (S)

June 30: Colorado (S); Oklahoma (S); Utah (S)

July 2020 – 30 Day Notice:

July 7: **New Jersey (P,S)

July 14: Alabama (State Primary Runoff); **Maine (S); Texas (State Primary Runoff)

August 2020 – 60 Day Notice:

August 1: Virgin Islands (T)

August 4: Arizona (S); Kansas (S); Michigan (S); Missouri (S); Washington (S)

August 6: Tennessee (S)

August 8: **Hawaii (S)

August 11: **Connecticut (P,S); Georgia (State Primary Runoff); Minnesota (S); Vermont (S); Wisconsin (S)

August 18: Alaska (S); Florida (S); Wyoming (S)

August 25: Oklahoma (State Primary Runoff)

August 29: Guam (S)

 September 2020 – 90 Day Notice:

September 1: Massachusetts (S)

September 8: New Hampshire (S); Rhode Island (S)

September 15: Delaware (S)

To register and request your ballot, fill out the FPCA using FVAP’s easy online assistant. You may also use the fillable PDF .  Most states will allow you to email your Absentee Ballot Request.  Ballots are sent out 45 days before the Election.    In order to save time, request your ballot to be emailed to you.

FVAP recommends U.S. citizens overseas, who are currently away from their voting jurisdictions or who have recently changed their address to send in a new FPCA to ensure receipt of absentee ballots for all federal office elections in this election year.

Not voting in the states listed above? Find your state’s primary election dates on the website. To find your state’s election website for specific information on candidates, elections, contact information, and links to your local election offices, visit FVAP’s contact page.

If your state requires you to “snail mail” your ballot, you might have problems returning your ballot.  International service disruptions – The Postal Service™ is temporarily suspending international mail acceptance for certain destinations due to service impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic,.and Suspension Due to Unavailability of Transportation.   Where mail-in ballots are the only option, please consider using a courier service to send your ballot directly to your home state to be counted.

YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE.  It might be more difficult to vote in 2020, but Americans living overseas have the legal right for absentee voting. The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act provides the legal basis for these citizens’ absentee voting requirements for federal offices.  By not voting, you allow others to speak for you!!

About the Author
Andee Goldman moved to Israel in 2006 from Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2008, as a nonpartisan, she has volunteered helping Americans overseas to vote in America's Federal Elections. YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE As an Israeli, she has become a history buff and enjoys sharing her experience and travels around Israel and the world!! Andee is available to answer your voting questions at
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