Amona’s Fate Could Be Efrat’s Fate And Eventually Tel Aviv’s fate

There’s a whole bunch of controversy about Bagatz forcing the state to evacuate Amona for the second time in a decade due to it being built on Palestinian private land, (according to Btzelem, obviously), so here’s a few things to think of.

  • The land where Amona is on wasn’t claimed by any Palestinian, and a lot of the land was actually purchased by Israelis. It’s removal is most likely encouraged by the left wing.
  • The left wing’s agenda involves getting rid of Judea And Samaria Jewish communities, by calling it an illegal occupation which it isn’t, because it was never a Palestinian state, which means the land is disputed, allowing Israel to build settlements.
  • Besides, Jewish people lived there before. Until the Jordanians kicked the Jewish people out in 1948, and even killed every Gush Etzion resident. Later immigrants, or Palestinians settled in, stealing Jewish land, not the opposite.

(In case you were wondering, east Jerusalem which was built by Jewish people, has Jewish artifacts and the Jewish quarter and Gush Etzion were Jewish, long before 1967, when Gush Etzion could be rebuilt, now considered an illegal settlement, which is absurd).

  • This means, that the left doesn’t consider Judea and Samaria as part of Israel. This also means that by removing Amona, you’re endangering the entire region, making any community removable.
  • Gush Katif residents who were meant to be compensated for losing their homes, but today still live in temporary houses. Building more units in Shilo won’t help Amona residents. (4 years to build is too much, and that’s depending on whether another settlement freeze isn’t imminent. The left sometimes makes things hard for people who live here).

And by giving the land back to Palestinians, you’re going to get what happened to Gaza after Israel gave it back. Remember that Palestinians eventually want to take over Tel Aviv as well. That’s why building Rawabi was controversial. Rawabi wasn’t built for UNWRA refugees, so these people can still claim places in Israel using their status, according to the PA.

If people start giving places like Amona the treatment it deserves, we won’t have this problem where places are considered temporary and that Judea and Samaria isn’t part of Israel. This is why it’s important to annex area C.

There is no obvious source for this info, but you can’t really deny that it’s true judging by certain attitudes.

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Yishai was born in Jerusalem and lived in Sydney until he returned to Israel in 2006 and now lives in Modiin. Most of the articles written here are about Judaism from a practical view and about general things from politic to life as an Autistic boy.
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