Stephen I. Siller

An American Jew’s Plea to Biden-Blinken: Don’t

Since October 7, America has experienced more than 160 attacks by Iranian proxies causing deaths and injuries to Americans on top of American hostages in Gaza. Like Israel, the US is in a kinetic war with Jihadis. President 46 may be unaware of that fact when he told Iran and its proxies “Don’t.” Bringing a feather pillow to a gun fight is not a normal response unless Neville Chamberlain is 46’s role model.

Israel must eradicate Hamas. Biden and Blinken are interfering with Israel’s appropriate and normal response. Please, Biden-Blinken, “Don’t.”

Gaza’s Jihadis seek to do whatever it takes (1) to achieve the death of Israel which they know cannot happen in the short term, and (2) to permit Iran time to finish its nuclear bombs and delivery systems. Working with Israel, the U.S. must deny the terrorists those objectives, not appease them with weakness.

The latest anti-Israel propaganda includes President 44 telling us Israel has the right to defend itself against terror but we must continue to seek “a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike,” code for a Palestinian State. President 46 resurrected 44’s two-state illusion delusion. Reports say Biden might recognize a Palestinian State. No organization, person or country or can impose a Palestinian State on Israel without Israel’s consent. My plea to Israel is “Don’t.”

President 45’s Abraham Accords did not require a Palestinian State. If 45 and 46 face off again, 46 needs a foreign policy “win” after giving us Afghanistan, Ukraine, 20% inflation, open borders, 10+ million invaders, a Middle East shooting war, and October 7. Rewarding murderers and rapists with a terrorist state would add to 46’s long list of foreign policy failures.

Just as Israel’s neighbors could not cede to Palestinians any of the Mandatory territory they occupied illegally and lost in 1967, the U.S. cannot create a Palestinian State in territory the U.S. does not own. Having a flag and a “From the River to the Sea” slogan does not make a state. Palestinians have no functioning executive, administrative, police, fiscal, legal, or legislative institutions, boundaries, or currency, and a Palestinian State must be military-free.

Israel could claim legal sovereignty over all of the former Mandatory territory. Israel has done that only in part because adding 4.5+ million Gaza and West Bank Muslims would erase Israel as the only Jewish National Home on the globe. No country or international organization can guarantee Israel’s security other than Israel itself.

U.S. recognition of a Palestinian State may be surreptitiously designed to preclude Israel from legally taking Palestinian land if another October 7 occurs. Israel would be at war with another country. Israel must decide sooner rather than later which parts of the West Bank it wishes to make part of Israel, and what reparations Gaza must deliver to Israel and the victims of Hamas.

Lost in the focus on calls for a two-state illusion are two critical facts. First, since the 1967 and 1973 wars that Iran sat out, none of Israel’s Arab neighbors has invaded Israel, and some signed peace treaties resulting in cross-border business and diplomacy. Second, the U.S. never allowed Israel to finish off Hamas or any of the other terrorist organizations. Instead, 44 and 46 funded Hamas, UNRWA and Iran, and that gave us October 7. To achieve the peace the U.S. says it wants, the U.S. must not block Israel from obliterating Hamas in Gaza and must stop funding the rapists, killers and their buddies. Recognizing a Palestinian State is premature, ill-advised, and would add to 44’s and 46’s pro-Iran efforts and other foreign policy disasters.

Israel must not forget 44’s non-existent Syria red line, Arab Spring trip that ignored Israel and bolstered Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President, and highly conditional support for Israel in the 2014 Gaza War. It took a mere minute after 46’s inauguration to resurrect 44’s pro-Iran policies of delivering cash and not enforcing sanctions. Reversing everything 45 did, 46 enriched the nearly-bankrupt Persian regime and enabled all of the Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi and other attacks against Americans, Israelis and international shipping.  Even if Biden and Blinken begin the process of recognizing a Palestinian State, Hamas will violate the settlement terms before the ink is dry, and all bets will then be off, especially if President 45 becomes President 47.

For “Never Again” to be true, “Am Yisroel Chai” must also be true.  “The People of Israel Live” must overcome the splits in Israeli society so that Israel and all of its citizens can thrive in the Jewish National Home no matter their politics, religions, or beliefs. Please be alert to who funded the anti-Judiciary reform movement, who is funding the bring-them-home-at-all-costs demonstrations, and why. The Jewish National Home must not disappear by suicide.

A former senior FBI official recently warned that the U.S. could easily be the target of an attack inspired by Hamas’s October 7 massacre. Something worse may be afoot. Will the illegals whose names and whereabouts we do not know, pro-Hamas demonstrators, and BLM-Antifa rioters, arsonists and killers coalesce and attack Jews or all of us from within?  Will they take advantage of our no-bail no-jail laws, defunded Police, continued Federal and Blue State restrictions on legal gun and ammunition purchases, and prosecutions of Americans who defend themselves?

If attacks or riots occur, they would likely occur in U.S. gun-free zones during the GOP and DNC Conventions in July and August 2024, and on U.S. Election Day on November 5, 2024. Law-abiding Israeli citizens with immediate access to military-grade weapons saved many lives. Americans must understand what happened when most law-abiding Israeli citizens had no guns to protect themselves while they waited for the Cavalry to arrive.

Many on the “progressive” American left not-so-covertly resent or hate Jews. Do American Jews, including Congressional Jewish and other Democrats, understand what the US open-border policy and two-tiered justice system are likely to bring? Do supporters of US open borders want Israel to have open borders, or to border a Palestinian terrorist state, or will they tell us, as some Jewish “progressives” tell me when they have no answers, “It’s different”?

What is not said and not done often is more important than what is said or done. Has the fundamental change of America promised by 44 and continued by 46 been happening right before our propagandized eyes, eyes closed behind pink or rose-colored glasses?  Please don’t let that happen to Israel!

I plead with Israel’s citizens not to form a circular firing squad, at which American Jews seem to excel, and to tell Biden and Blinken, “Don’t.” My reason is selfish: If America experiences October 7-like attacks from which we may never recover in my remaining lifetime, the only place to which we can flee is Israel.

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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