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[…] (an evangelical waltz for accordion)

[…](…an evangelical waltz for accordion)

I wants to marry a moshav girl

With cool homemade dress twirl

A daughter of moshavnikim

The daughter of the Jewish Dream”[…]


I want to marry a moshav girl/ With sunkissed skin and natural curl;

Whose Mother can knit and patch the torn/ Whose rava rava saba a sabra born.


On land aplenty and exquisite

But not too big for nature‘s visit

With a wellbuilt house of wood and stone

And a thinker’s throne to dwell alone


With neighbors brilliant, the family wheels dost roll

The living children play ghost, whom freedom stole

And summer profession, imagination club/ And winter rains; of the lord‘s green growth rub…


I want to live on her family‘s land

To reap and sow and not give a damn…

Where there is a little shul on the hill;

Where ten men wrestle with the G-d of Israel…


I wants to eat a salad green

Grown on our moshav, by months inbetween

On garden of truth with Flame and Cherub,

[a]nd in the Shmittah sold to an Arab


I want to dirtpath-tractordrive

Thru fields of orange trees sunshine thrive

…’want to rest in a bed of shade and dirt, there…

Underneath trees, and Heaven flirt


I want to marry a moshav girl/ ‘neath chupa and starlit wonderworld/ And forever Shabbos codish confide/ And like the stars of Heaven multiplied


Where we may die, buried side by side

On the same land which Abraham eyed

The very land which Abram did bless

And from our longing, please Christ: we’ll rest…

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Scott Shlomo Krane has been blogging for TOI since February 2012. His writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, Tablet, Ha'aretz, The Jerusalem Post, the Daily Caller, Mic, JazzTimes and Scott was a columnist and breaking news editor for Arutz Sheva-Israel National News (2011-2013). In addition to holding a degree in Judaic Studies and a Master's in English from Bar-Ilan University (for which he wrote his thesis on the poetry of American master, John Ashbery), he has learned Judaism at Hadar Ha'Torah Rabbinical Seminary in Brooklyn.
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