An Evil Act

We woke up yesterday to the outrageous news that an Israeli American 13 year old girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, was murdered in her sleep. Her father was part of the Kiryat Arba security response team to the terrorist attack to only discover it was his daughter who was attacked in his home. One of the members of the security detail was seriously hurt. The wife of the security member who was hurt stopped the ambulance he was put in to get in and provide care for him because she is a paramedic and she had helped treat other terror victims in her position. The response of both victims families are that this is our land and we are not leaving. The strength and greatness of these Jewish families is extraordinary.

The official Facebook page of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas calls the murderer a “Shahid” a martyr and will give his family a stipend to reward his family for his actions.  This is the same Abbas who spoke in front of the EU parliament and alleged that Israeli Rabbis called for poisoning Palestinian Arab water which is an obvious blood libel and instead of being booed and castigated his speech received a standing ovation. That ovation has reverberated across the Jewish world and clearly sent an unmistakable signal that speaking with such blood libels against Jews is acceptable to Europe.

This comes at the same time that most Jews in Europe feel threatened.  There has been no apology from the EU for the ovation. The ovation only encourages Abbas to continue to pay the families of murderers without repercussions which encourages such murders to continue. THIS MUST END NOW.

We fortunately, know that the U.S. Congress would never have given such an ovation and instead members of both parties would have blasted such comments.  However, criticizing such comments or publicly condemning the atrocious actions of the terrorist is not enough. To murder a 13 year old girl in her bed is EVIL.  To praise the murderer as a “Shahid” is EVIL.  To give money to his family as a reward for the murder is EVIL. There can be no more moving forward with the same discussions of a peace process or a Palestinian Arab state.  Is it not clear from Abbas’ actions that a Palestinian Arab state under his leadership would create a terrorist state that would lead to more violence?  Is it not obvious that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority never gave up its main goal to destroy Israel?

Many years ago I helped start the issue in Congress to go after Palestinian Arab terrorists who murdered Americans.  The idea was to bring them and their accomplices to U.S. jails so they would serve their terms for their crimes and not be subject to prisoner exchanges.  The purpose was to deter the terrorists.  The Kobe Mandel Act created an office in the Justice Department to bring the Palestinian Arab terrorists to justice but no one has been arrested and brought to justice since its enactment.  This must change now. The U.S. Justice Department needs to start indicting  the Palestinian Arabs who have murdered and wounded Americans and their accomplices and bring them to Justice.  I remember in December 1997 asking Secretary of State Albright about why the U.S. changed its policy of going after terrorists who murdered Americans when it comes to Palestinian Arab terrorists and she attempted to claim that there was no double standard with Palestinian Arab terrorists.  The failure of the Justice Department to indict and bring to American Justice any Palestinian Arab terrorists over these past 20 years belies that claim.

We woke up today to the murder of Rabbi Miki Mark, who was gunned down while driving with his family and his wife was wounded as well as two of their ten children. No longer can we go on and countenance the incitement on Palestinian Arab television.  The television stations need to be turned off permanently by Israel and America. No longer can American tax payer dollars be used to pay “Shahids”. End the money to the Palestinian Authority. Pressure Facebook and Twitter to end their accounts that sanction the murder of Jews.  The naming of  public squares after terrorists needs to end. These demands are simple easy demands in a normal world because only evil could support the murder of a 13 year old girl in her bed sleeping.  Only evil can name squares after such murderers or pay the families of the murderer money or laud such murderers on television. It may be that most of the world countenances such evil.  We do not. The current policies have failed to stop the violence. A change of policy needs to happen now.

About the Author
Farley Weiss is the president of the National Council of Young Israel, a member of the Conference of Presidents that represents around 25,000 Orthodox Jewish families and around 130 synagogues across America, the president of the intellectual property law firm of Weiss & Moy, P.C. with offices in Scottsdale, AZ, Boca Raton, FL, and Las Vegas, NV. He has authored opeds in the Arizona Republic, The Jerusalem Post, The Forward, and Hamodia, and has spoken around the country on political issues affecting Israel and American Jewry.
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