Avraham Lev Weiss

An Honest Talk with a ‘Free Palestine’ ‘Activist’

*Anchor* : What are you shouting about?
*Activist:* I want to Free Palestine!
*Anchor:* From what?
*Activist:* From itself! For too long we Palestinians have suffered from our own evil leaders and our own destructive habits. We must resist!
*Anchor*: How will you resist?
*Activist:* We must remember the truth! Allah is great! And He is very, very angry at us for continuing to ruin His world and harm His children. We must submit ourselves to Him by knowing our place!
*Anchor:* What is your place?
*Activist:* Islam has fallen into violence and anger, we have forgotten Allah, and worshiped instead the idols of our own evil impulses, we have preferred destruction over building, suffering over goodness. We must remember that our faith is based on the Jewish tradition. For years we thought Allah had abandoned the Jewish people. Now we see that He has always kept them close. He chose them and continues to support them. He returned them to their land, strengthened them, made them flourish. In war after war we tried to push them into the sea, but Allah did not allow us. The time has come to accept and cherish the Zionist state, the home of the Jews. Allah gave it to them, and through them Allah will bring blessing and peace to the world.
*Anchor:* Why are you wearing a mask?
*Activist*: I am very, very ashamed of myself. For a long time my shame made me angry at Israel, but now I know that I have no one to be angry with except myself and my foolish brothers who refuse to listen to the voice of their souls. For so long I thought that good was evil and that evil was good. That the way of Mohamed was violence to conquer and rule. Now I know that our only enslavement is to ourselves.
*Anchor*: Do you hope for a two state solution?
*Activist*: We have proven again and again that we are not capable of having our own state and doing good there. Always our leaders are cruel and selfish. I want only truth, only goodness. I am a Muslim but I accept the Jewish state. I can live here among them. But those who do not accept them must leave. We must Free Palestine: free to fix its evil or get out. God is great! And he is also good. We must try to be good too.
About the Author
Avraham Lev Weiss made Aliyah to Israel eight years ago and works as an educator in the Israeli school system. He loves the land and its people very deeply and hopes that his words and unique perspective as a ba'al teshuva, oleh, and teacher can be helpful to clarify truth and enable unity.
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