Noam A. Rotem

An Inconvenient Truth About Anti-Semitic Violence

Study shows, antisemitic violence in Europe is perpetrated mainly by Muslim extremists, followed by left-wing radicals

A recent study titled “Antisemitic Violence in Europe, 2005-2015 Exposure and Perpetrators in France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia”, was jointly published this past June, by the Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo, together with the Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX) at the University of Ohio. The complete copy of this report can be found here.

The research combined, incident data based on police reporting, along with a 2012 survey on Antisemitism carried out by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). Though the writers were cautious to call the findings tentative, with more research needed, these findings corroborate with other studies from across Europe, like the German parliamentary report from 2016 that found that Jews in Germany are feeling a growing threat of anti-Semitism, especially from Muslims.

The survey part of the research report, shows that Muslim extremists significantly lead those perpetrating violence against Jews, followed by members of the political left. In France for example the survey showed that 53% of the attacks were perpetrated by Muslims, 18% by left-wingers, and only 7% by either right-wingers or extreme Christians, while in Sweden 51% of attacks were carried out by Muslims, 25% by leftists, only 5% by rightists, and none by extreme Christians (see additional results in the graph below).

Graph of Antisemitic Violence in Europe

The study, got no coverage by Israeli mainstream media, just like virulent anti-Semitism in the Palestinian territories and across the Arab and Muslim world, that gets little coverage by Israeli mainstream media, in proportion to how deep and widespread the phenomenon is.

Like their mainstream media compatriots in the west, Israeli media tends to sensationalize beyond proportion any sign of fringe right-wing Antisemitism, while either omitting altogether, or greatly marginalizing the dangerously growing unholy alliance in the west of the radical left with Islamic extremism. An alliance rampant with poisonous anti-Zionism, steeped in latent Antisemitism, and as this study shows, is far more dangerous, threatening and violent towards Jews, at this present time in history.

So for all the people in the media, politicians, liberals and conservatives, who were rightfully distraught by the Neo-Nazi display in Charlottesville earlier this month, if you have good intentions of demonstrating a semblance of moral integrity, then reality backed by facts, cries out for proportionally more coverage, and more concern about Antisemitism within radical Islam, and the regressive left.

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