Michael Lipkin
Michael Lipkin

An Ode to the Seuss Wars

Last week on Facebook I saw something new,
It wasn’t Trump tweeting or Biden forgetting,
Another PC war was starting to brew.

A pandemic surrounds us, the world is a wreck,
Folks stuck in their homes bored of Netflix and Hulu
But Seuss was under attack, it was all hands on deck.

The guys on side one said it’s a war act for sure,
They can’t have our Sneetches or Yertle the Turtle,
Next thing you know they’ll cancel dear old Aunt Myrtle.

The folks on side two answered back in a snit,
Nothing was canceled they said it and meant it.
The family of Seuss were just being kind,
Now go back to your beeswax if you don’t mind!

I just sat there with Randi, we sat there we two.
And all I could say was it’s really so keen,
The Seussian books that I loved all my days
Are selling much better than stars from McBean!

Below is my favorite of all Seuss’s books
It’s the one from my youth, yes it’s old as it looks!
But whether your name is Mike, Mary or Paul
It too can be your most favorite of all.

About the Author
Michael Lipkin made Aliyah in 2004 from Edison, NJ to Beit Shemesh with his wife and four children. Since moving to Israel, Michael and his wife have been blessed with two new sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, ten grandchildren and a sabra of their own! Michael currently works as a tech liaison for a financial web site.
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