Yoram Dori

An open letter to António Guterres

Dear Secretary-General António Guterres,

I welcomed your election as secretary-general of the United Nations, as your social democratic views align with my own. I have had the privilege of engaging in discussions during my time with Shimon Peres, both in personal meetings with you and in discussions at the Socialist International. In these interactions, I perceived a leader with a broad vision and a deep commitment to human rights and the pursuit of peace. I witnessed your persistent efforts to bring opposing sides closer together and your unwavering condemnation of acts of terror by our Palestinian neighbors.

However, I must express my profound disappointment in your recent comments regarding the heinous neo-Nazi attack by Hamas members from Gaza on October 7, 2023. Your statement appeared to equate this brutal attack, which included the beheading of infants in front of their parents, the rape and murder of young Israeli women, and the abduction of elderly individuals, with Israel’s self-defense actions in Gaza.

While Israel is actively targeting Hamas command centers and pursuing those responsible for the massacre of its citizens, your statement suggests a moral equivalence that is difficult to reconcile. It is as if you were seeking balance between the horrors of the Nazis and the Allied bombings in Dresden and Berlin during the years 1939-1945. Such a comparison would have meant condemning the Allies alongside the Nazis, which I find deeply troubling.

To help you grasp the horrors that transpired on October 7, I’d like to share a specific example. The Kutz family, innocent civilian farmers, were tragically murdered in their living room – a father, a mother, and their three children. Their only crime was being Israelis. Another distressing incident involves twins who were hidden in a closet, and although their parents were killed, they survived. Additionally, the situation of babies and children kidnapped and held hostage in Gaza, in violation of international law and justice, demands our attention.

Lastly, Mr. Secretary-General, I want to emphasize that, as a socialist since my childhood, I firmly believe that the fundamental human right is the right to remain alive.


Yoram Dori

About the Author
Yoram Dori is a longtime political and media strategic adviser. He served as the spokesman of the Israel labor party under the chairmanship of Ytzchak Rabin and served as the senior strategic adviser to Shimon Peres since 1990
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