Liz Wagner

An Open Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
1236 Longworth H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Madame Speaker,

I am writing to protest your handling of the latest antisemitic outrage committed by Congresswoman Tlaib in a Yahoo podcast last weekend.

Exactly how have her words been “taken out of context?” Under what context are Congresswoman Tlaib’s words true or accurate? The Arabs of 20th-century Palestine no more tried to create “a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust” than have Palestinian Arabs in this century. Tlaib might as well have said the KKK tried to make a safe haven for Blacks in the South!

To be clear: the antisemitism now revealing itself in the heart of the Democratic party, and raging again in many parts of the world, arose as a direct result of the near-constant agitation against the State of Israel over the last 30+ years. Simply put, while Israel is mercilessly smeared, all manner of excuses is made for murderous Palestinians and their corrupt leaders.

Over the years, the crude and well-known Jew-hatred of most Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East has been elevated by Western academics, journalists and political activists in the same way that crude Nazi Jew-hatred was elevated by German intellectuals of the 1930s and ‘40s. In both cases, high-toned language provided the intellectual veneer necessary to turn antisemitism into a powerful organizing tool for political mass movements. We now know, whether targeting the Jewish State or the Jewish people for destruction, anti-Jewish hatred and violence spread when otherwise responsible individuals fail to name antisemitism and reject it, unequivocally. Today, Jews are harassed and assaulted on college campuses and in the streets of Brooklyn. We’ve been gunned down in Pittsburgh and San Diego, thrown out of windows in Paris, beaten in Berlin, and we are murdered in Israel whenever a Palestinian wants to impress friends and family. Then, we’re accused of making groundless accusations of antisemitism.

I have no doubt, today, that Democratic radicals, including members of Congress, link their goal of destroying Israel to their ultimate goal of radically transforming the US. Incredibly, millions of Americans use the past sin of slavery and its fading legacy of racism to justify allying with Arab and Muslim supremacists in the Middle East whose obsession with eliminating Israel dovetails with their revenge fantasy of  bringing down America and its capitalist system. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are cogs in a wheel that is rolling toward a once-unimaginable revolution in this country. For now, they keep their anti-America agenda below the radar and focus on destroying Israel. I hate to think the Speaker of the House is a supporter of this anti-American activity, but by defending and making excuses for Congresswoman Tlaib, just as you have for Congresswoman Omar, you help move the anti-Israel and anti-America agenda forward.

Madame Speaker, you may make excuses for the likes of Congresswoman Tlaib, but I will no longer make excuses for you. If the Democrats are dumb enough to dump the Jews in favor of people who have helped to resurrect Nazi-era style antisemitism, the Democratic party is worthless to me, now. I am

Thoroughly disgusted,

Liz Wagner

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