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As the song says, a Latin American with no money in his pocket.

An Open Letter to the Palestinian Authority and the Global Palestinian Community

To the leadership of the Palestinian Authority and my Palestinian brothers and sisters in Israel and throughout the world,

As a Jewish Israeli with roots in Latin America and a committed humanist, I pen this letter amidst a backdrop of profound sorrow and a compelling sense of urgency. The harrowing events of October 7th and the narrative subsequently crafted by Hamas demand more than mere reflection; they necessitate a robust and unwavering call to action for peace and unequivocal justice.

The October 7th atrocity, claiming over 1,200 innocent lives, was not a mere mishap. It was a calculated act of cruelty, an outright assault on the sanctity of human life. The narrative pushed forward by Hamas in their document “This is our narrative – Why the inundation of Al-Aqsa?” is not only a distortion of truth but a glaring testament to their moral bankruptcy and wayward path.

In my quest for peace and mutual respect, I implore the Palestinian Authority to adopt a resolute and unambiguous position against Hamas’s destructive and extremist agenda. This plea is not a call for capitulation but a rallying cry for bold leadership and the courage to chase genuine liberty – liberty rooted in peace, mutual respect, and the shared pursuit of coexistence.

The massacre on October 7th transcends a mere struggle for independence; it was a pogrom, a reprehensible act of barbarity that stands in stark opposition to the very essence of humanity and justice. The actions of Hamas, steeped in violence and extremism, betray the genuine aspirations of the Palestinian people for self-determination and respect.

This is an appeal to the Palestinian Authority to break from Hamas decisively and reclaim its position as the authentic and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. A representative that champions peace not through the barrel of a gun but through constructive dialogue, mutual understanding, and recognition. It is imperative that the Palestinian Authority embraces diplomatic strategies and renounces any forms of extremism and aggression.

The destiny of our region and the hope for a just and enduring resolution heavily rests on the Palestinian Authority’s bravery and vision to confront and reject the malignant tactics of Hamas. Without such a persistent shift, resolving this conflict remains a remote, elusive dream.

As a Jewish Israeli of Latin heritage and a devoted humanist, I extend my hand in solidarity, vowing to strive for a future where Israelis and Palestinians can coexist in peace and dignity. United, we have the power to transcend the dark legacy of our past and forge a path toward a future illuminated by peace and mutual respect.

With unwavering respect and renewed hope,

Gil Mildar

About the Author
Gil Mildar is a 60-year-old Brazilian who made Aliyah a few years ago. He holds a Law degree from the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos in Brazil and a postgraduate degree in Marketing from the Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and now Israel. For the past 30 years, his focus has been on marketing projects in Latin America.
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