An Open Letter to theSkimm

Dear theSkimm,

I want to thank you. Your disruptive news platform and engaging brand empowers millions of followers to understand what is happening in the world—followers like me. You have a built a brand that millions now love and respect as a trust-worthy source. I became a Skimmbassador this summer because I believed so strongly in your brand and what you stand for.

But you messed up.

Last Thursday, per my usual routine, I read theSkimm and was overcome by emotion—disgust, anger, and outrage. In your pride for a snarky, clever tone of voice, you messed up. And I told you this via Twitter and email.

PA President Abbas is inciting this wave of violence through false facts and propaganda. You justify this wave of terrorism by allowing it be caused by the settlements and temple mount issue—was 9/11 justified by Islamic extremists hatred of westernized civilization? You continue to state that Israel is changing the status quo at temple mount without recognizing that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu denounced this lie spread by Palestinian leadership.

This morning, you made a baby step in the right direction by acknowledging that the Palestinians killed are ‘assailants.’ But why is it so hard for you to call these individuals terrorists? This is not a subjective word. Last I checked, terrorism is humans terrorizing other humans. Humans stabbing humans is terrorism—nothing more and nothing less. Again, why you mocked Israel’s label of Palestinian violence as terrorism in quotes is just beyond me.

This morning, you continued to report on PA Abbas’s “international mic drop” yet fail to recognize his incitement of the Palestinians to fulfill their mission of martyrdom by deliberating killing Israelis in honor of Allah. Or, does Israel not have a right to defense itself? As far as I am concerned, Israel was not just “combatting the violence”—rather, defending its citizens by increasing security. Will you report on the lives saved from Israel constructing this security? I have personally crossed these security borders and seen individuals go through these borders. I realize their impact on everyday Palestinians commuting for work. But what about the Israelis commuting to work or riding the school bus in fear? These are the mechanisms that save Israeli lives. Will you include this aspect of the situation?

It is not enough for you to just hear our opinions. You must listen.

As Skimmers, we hold you to a higher standard of conduct and information share. You cannot merely share a blog that includes feedback from both sides and then conclude that this is a touchy subject. You must delve deeper. Unlike other news outlets, you go above and beyond in advocating a way of life and set of values that we have adopted. Therefore, you are held to a higher standard in reporting the situation in the Middle East. This higher standard means internalizing your subscribers’ feedback and responding to each of them—not just labeling them as opinions. Yes, this is a sensitive topic; however, you must ensure transparency of coverage on both sides by reporting the non-mainstream news, such as Israelis treating Palestinian terrorists in Israel hospitals. With this higher standard, I urge you to heed insight from Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens on how you can proactively not perpetuate justification of this terrorism when it comes to the media’s coverage of the Middle East.

Thank you for changing the world through theSkimm. I look forward to seeing you embody this higher standard of reporting, and likewise, I will continue sharing the #Skimmlife on my campus.

Thank you,

Hannah Schlacter


About the Author
Hannah Schlacter is a student at the University of Illinois College of Business Honors Program. Passion, ambition, and drive embody her character and impact. Considered a leader in advocacy, she is deeply committed to Zionism, environmentalism, and entrepreneurship. Hannah seeks a career path that will allow her to impact these diverse passions.
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