An opportunity taken, not lost

Israel decided to ban the entry of US Congress women Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Some are seeing this as a ‘lost opportunity’ to ‘educate’ them about the real situation in Israel.

They are wrong.

Because this was not a lost opportunity but an opportunity taken.

An opportunity taken not out of weakness but out of strength. An opportunity taken not out of appeasement, but out of pride. An opportunity taken not out of disrespecting American democracy, but out of respecting the Jewish people instead.

For Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are anti-Semites — anti-Semites who do not believe in the existence of a Jewish state, who do not believe in the existence of Jewish history and do not even believe in the existence of a Jewish people. They see the very fact that the Jewish State of Israel even exists as the ultimate insult to Islamic domination of the Middle East. They live in a warped bubble of reality that portrays themselves as heroes fighting for human rights — rather than the actual reality of them supporting the dissolution of all Jewish rights instead.

They might want the destruction of Israel — but why should Israel accommodate them in that desire?

I understand the reasons for wanting to let them in, but no good would have come from it, because they are not interested in ‘learning’ anything from Israel. They are not interested in ‘educating’ themselves either. They are not interested in cherry tomatoes and they are not interested in Israel’s humanitarian efforts and they are not interested in Israeli technology that is helping the world.

Their trip to Israel (which they call palestine) was designed for a single purpose — to ramp up and breathe fire into the bellies of Israel’s enemies. The trip was meant to mobilize the BDS movement — whose very goal is the destruction of Israel itself.

Of course, predictably, there are those people and those groups saying Israel should show what an open society it is and let them in. One of those groups is unsurprisingly J-Street, a self described progressive Jewish group who openly supported Rashida Tlaib in her campaign to get elected. Think about that — they say they’re pro-Israel, yet supported a candidate who wants the destruction of the very country they just said they support!

Joe Biden has also jumped on the bandwagon by criticizing Israel’s decision — the same Joe Biden who tried to demand and dictate to Israel in 1982 what it should do, to which Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin answered perfectly, “I am not a Jew with trembling knees.”

Bernie Sanders has also slammed Israel’s decision, proving as he has many times that he sold out his Jewish pride long ago, complicit in his own destruction, as he salivates for a slice of the ‘progressive pie’ that he thinks Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar represent and thereby make him ‘loved.’

Ultimately, there are many people who don’t like Israel’s decision and there are many who say it will galvanize the BDS movement.

Perhaps it will, but then so be it.

Because the BDS movement is the enemy of Israel and it is the enemy of the Jewish people and those who support it are firmly placing themselves in that category too.

And you don’t fight this venomous fire with sweet platitudes and soft voices — you fight it with a committed purpose, an unrelenting resolve and an abundance of strength.

And you also fight it with strong actions and a strong voice, a voice that says:

This is the land of Israel, a land with thousands of years of Jewish history, a history that began long before there was ever such a thing as Islam, and you don’t get to come here and spread your hatred against our country and against our history and against our people.

Because this is our home and you are most definitely not welcome.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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