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An update on Kamtza and Bar Kamtza

The potential destruction of Jerusalem came about through Gvir and Ben Gvir in this way:

A certain prime minister had a friend named Gvir and an opponent named Ben Gvir. He once proposed a coalition and said to his comrades, “Go and bring Gvir.” The leaders of the coalition went and brought Ben Gvir so they could stay in power. When the prime minister found him in the coalition, he said, “People may mock me, but I don’t care. Stay.” Said the other: “Wait, since I’m here, let me stay. I will be a good partner.” He said, “No!” “Then let me deliver you some votes.” “No,” said the prime minister, “the others won’t join the coalition if you’re included, and I need to stay in power at all costs.”

Said Gvir, “Since the other members of the coalition were sitting there and did not stop him, this shows they agreed with him. “I will go inform the people that democracy is in peril.” He said to the people, “The government is intent on taking away certain freedoms.” He said, “How can I be certain?” He said to him, “Tell them that if proposed legislation passes, the people will rebel. Reservists will refuse to show up for  duty. Doctors will go on strike. The economy will falter. The shekel will be devalued and our credit rating will go down. Our friends will be distressed. World opinion will turn against us.”

The sages surmised, “Through the actions of those in power, our nation may be destroyed, our sacred rights may burn and we ourselves may be exiled in our own land.”

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Rich Moline is a Jewish educator, non-profit executive, and volunteer leader living in Chicago.
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