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Analyze This! CNN Miso-Judaism

Why is miso- (hatred of) Israel, Jews & Judaism raging around the world?

Media relativism encrypts miso-Judaic bias into routine, everyday news at a subliminal level. Yet, so beguiling are these tactics that even Jews, and even including Israeli and Jewish columnists and commentators who are supposed to be authorities, not only accept them — they’ve internalized them as the norm, ignorantly reinforcing the undermining of the image of Israel and Jews everywhere.

Routinely, day after day, beneath the surface, seemingly innocuous articles insidiously and subconsciously insinuate to readers around the world that Israel is “the Evil Empire”; responsible and guilty for all of the evil in the Middle East. This innocuous, politically-cleansed phraseology colors everything related to Israel, Jews and everything Judaic. So, of course the world condemns Israel! How can you blame them? Meanwhile, Jews are blissfully ignoring it and doing nothing about it! What khutzpah to express wonder why miso-Judaism is raging rampantly, throughout the world, like an out-of-control wildfire!

The threat of raging miso-Judaism is rapidly reaching critical mass, world-wide this time. The only way to stop the march of this Islamists’ Demon spawn of Displacement Theology is for each and every reader to learn how to spot these tactics, which preclude readers of the world being presented a balanced view of facts and Israel’s rights, and then how to remedy these miso-Judaic media tactics so that the world can be informed by the facts.

Miso-Judaic zeal will continue to worsen because, and for as long as, most of you aren’t looking, or seeing, these below-the-surface threats. Certainly, most of you are not speaking up to expose and oppose them. And it will soon play in a theater near you — wherever you live in the world!

The most insidious tactic is the one most easily overlooked, suckering the reader into assuming the reporter’s bias: subliminal methods going unseen that equate Israeli self-defense with serial Islamist terrorist attacks eagerly sacrificing their women and children as human shields for photo ops. (This article is about what you can do, every reader. Other tactics, like bullying and extorting news reporters is something only the reporters can remedy: by forfeiting the fame and lucre — refusing to report and going home. Then they can publish the unvarnished truth. Better to report nothing than to mislead the world by reporting perverted “facts”.)

The anti-Israel and miso-Judaic bias won’t disappear until you, every reader, learn to spot the biased phraseology in order to, then, logically and effectively, do something about it: correct the offending miso-Judaic media and make the offense as public as possible by reporting it in various blogs. Raise an outcry! Protest against the offending media!

First, before reading what I’ve caught, read this CNN article yourself to see if you would have spotted anything in it as anti-Israel bias and reported it to CNN and various blogs.

1948 War of Independence

Full-width photo: Israel Attacks & Invades Egypt

In his CNN overview of Israeli-Arab conflicts since 1948 (“Israel and its neighbors: Decades of war,” 2014.08.13), Ray Sanchez seems to apply the typical, media-defined excuse that displaces unbiased, objective reporting.

The first thing one sees in Sanchez’ article is an old, full-width photo — 924×616 pixels — of the “Israeli infantry make a full assault on Egyptian forces during the Arab-Israeli War in 1948” — not, as mentioned “below the fold,” two lines later, under the full-width photo, “Arab armies invaded what is now Israel.” Thus, the article begins with the image of Israel assaulting and invading Arabs and Arab lands — despite the admission following later that the cause of the war was “Arab armies invaded what is now Israel.”

Under the full-width photo, Sanchez lists who was fighting. But, instead of listing who was fighting, in some unbiased alphabetical fashion, Sanchez covers his back after the opening “Israel Invaders of Arab Lands” full-width photo by including the below-the-fold admission, which should have been the headline full-width photo, that “Arab armies invaded what is now Israel.” What he should have written after the title “Who was fighting:” is, uh, who was fighting: Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian and Lebanese Arabs against Jews. (Or reverse the two sides alphabetically, as long as it is consistent throughout the article: Jews against Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian and Lebanese Arabs.) Thus, Sanchez omits Jews, and miso-Judaism, from the conflict; as if it was merely Arabs and some kind of non-Jewish Israelis (whatever Israelis might be as differing from Jews — perhaps Sanchez assists readers to assume Israeli Arabs and Christians instead of Jews?).

Israel is the “Evil Empire.”

Consider what conclusion those (many readers) who only scan the photos and captions would come away with.

1967 Six-Day War

Full-width photo: Israel Attacks Arabs First & Seizes Sinai

Sanchez remarks, again under “Who was fighting:” and below another full-width photo of “Israeli soldiers celebrate after taking control of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula”, “…as Israel struck first at Egypt, Jordan and Syria.”

Sanchez then inserts yet another full-width photo, showing “Israeli troops fire mortar shells toward Egyptian military positions on the Suez front in 1970.”

So far, if Sanchez’ reporting is to be believed, Israel has always been the attacker, always firing at the Arabs, always seizing land while the poor Arabs haven’t fired a shot. The poor Arabs are just victims.

Israel is the “Evil Empire.”

“Palestinians” are the victims.

Yom ha-Kipurim War

Full-width photo: “Gen. Ariel Sharon… defying orders, led 200 tanks and 5,000 men over the Suez Canal”

Again, below-the-fold, Sanchez covers his back by mentioning that “Egypt and Syria launched the Yom Kippur War.” Why? “Egypt and Syria were seeking to retake territory lost in 1967.”

Israel is the “Evil Empire.”

Israel invades southern Lebanon

Full-width photo: PLO terrorists blown-up bus “on Israel’s Coastal Highway near Tel Aviv”

Of course, the disconnect between the full-width photo of a blown-up bus in Tel Aviv and an Israeli Invasion of Lebanon is left unexplained, encouraging readers to conclude Israel had no reason to invade Lebanon.

Israel is the “Evil Empire.”

Now Israel invades Lebanon

Full-width photo: Victims of Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps Massacre of “Palestinians” by Lebanese Christians

I suppose we should be grateful that Sanchez acknowledges in the full-width photo caption that the massacre was carried out by Lebanese Christians — of course, he later suggests that Israel is still guilty for the massacre since “Israel is accused of doing nothing to prevent or stop the massacre.” Get it? Accused. Most readers slide right over that and assume Israel is guilty. Particularly since, unless colliding like a train wreck into a fact (which reporters meticulously avoid), readers register what supports their pre-inclinations while failing to register items that conflict with their pre-inclinations.

Who was fighting: Israel attacked Lebanon.” Well, he explains below the fold, what really happened was that “Israel bombed PLO headquarters in West Beirut” after Khiz’b-Allah granted the PLO safe haven from which to continue launching terror attacks in Israel.

Israel is the “Evil Empire.”

“Palestinians” are the victims.

First Intifada

Full-width photo: “Palestinian” Children Protestors, Suggesting They’re Victims

Only “Palestinian” victims are mentioned. No terrorism. No Israeli victims. Just “hundreds of Palestinians died in clashes that continued until 1993.”

“Palestinians” are the victims.

Second Intifada

Full-width photo: “Sharon… leaves al-Aksa mosque compound”

“began after Israeli leader Ariel Sharon on September 28, 2000, visited the Temple Mount, a holy place for Jews and Muslims, and declared that it will always remain under Israeli control.” Might it be the ancient”Har ha-Bayit” of the Jews? Before the Islam was even conceived? Don’t even think about it. Just “a holy place for Jews and Muslims,” equating the Muslim claim with the historical Jewish claim.

Israel is the “Evil Empire.”

Israel battles “militants” in Lebanon and Gaza

Full-width photo: Lebonese “Women grieve”

“Militants”?!? Go review the incidents.

The entire description is couched in terms of “Israel attacked”; knowing people tend to go with their first impression, often not even reading or absorbing what follows. Then, only parenthetically, “after” Khiz’b-Allah or “Palestinians” killed or kidnapped or blew-up Israelis…

“Palestinians” are the victims.

Israel and Khamas 2008-9

Full-width photo: “injured Palestinian”

Same miso-Judaic tactic: First Israel attacked: “Israel attacked Hamas targets in Gaza.” Then, “It happened after…” and “following an escalation of attacks between Israel and Hamas” — consistently Sanchez doesn’t bother to distinguish between attacker and defender; equating the two.

“Palestinians” are the victims.

Israel and Khamas 2012

Full-width photo: “An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man is seen through a damaged car window after a rocket fired from Gaza landed in Ashdod, Israel, on November 16, 2012.”

Closest thing to a Jewish casualty in this CNN article’s photo headlines EVER, since 1948 — relax, it’s only a trashed car window.

Why? “Israel attacked targets in Gaza in Operation Pillar of Defense.”

Oh yeah, an afterthought, it was “After months of increased rocket attacks from Gaza.”

Jewish victim suffers a damaged car window.

Israel and Khamas 2014

Full-width photo: First 3 Israeli Casualties Since 1948: Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frankel and Gilad Shaar

Again, though, because “Israel attacked Hamas targets in Gaza in Operation Protective Edge.” Reading Sanchez’ synopsis of Israel’s history in CNN, one must conclude that there has never been any Arab atrocities that actually precipitated Israel’s long history of attacks on Arabs.

Although CNN, Sanchez and his world of readers will, of course, know better, “Israel blamed Hamas.” And, of course, Israelis took revenge on a “Palestinian” teen — so no further “aggression” was justified.

“Rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israel picked up.” Picked up? You mean a rocket had been launched earlier against Israel? First mention of that since 2012!

Oh, and the fictitious attacks via “tunnels that [Israel] says Hamas has used to launch attacks and infiltrate Israeli territory…”

Jewish victims due to Israel being the “Evil Empire”.


So the bias-inducing, miso-Judaic beguiler (Serpent?) always gives the reader a choice of which way to decide: Israel the “Evil Empire” or “Palestinians” as the victims!

Israel has, yet again, been raped in the media and expected to thank them for their “unbiased,” PC-cleansed, public opinion forming against Israel through inconspicuous PC phraseologies to which Israelis and Jews, especially the Liberal Left, have become benumbed in their coma.

Don’t wonder why the world hates Jews and Israel. It’s because Jews and Israel don’t do-or-die protest this demonization of Jews and Israel. We fail to raise up and train a Global Cyber Warrior Army to fight this demonization. We are a no-show and Islamist Jihadists win — yet again — by default.

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Paqid Yirmᵊyahu (Ben-​David), Orthodox Jew & 16th Paqid of the Nᵊtzarim, dedicated to the historical, logical, archeological, scientific interpretations of Tanakh; B.Sc.B.A. (UF) and Master's work in computer science (artificial intelligence and knowledge based networks, UCF); former intelligence analyst (USAF); made aliya with his wife, Karen, (Law of Re­turn '85), served in the IDF (despite being age-exempt) and Israel Police Reserves, belonged to Or­thodox Yemenite syna­gogue 10 yrs in Ra'anana where they live today. In addition to the sole Netzarim website (, his commentaries have been published in magazines and newspapers from the Orlando Sentinel and Toronto Mensa to The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Ynet. He has also authored many books available in the Netzarim website or Amazon; including: Who Are The Netzarim?, Atonement Under the Biblical 'New Covenant', The Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM), The 1993 Covenant (of Daniel 9.27), Pishtah Kheihah (The Flickering-out Remnant, Yᵊshayahu 42.3) and The Mirrored Sphinxes (revealing Moses' Egyptian Pharaonic secret knowledge & symbolism for prayer and relating to the Divinity).