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Another murder in the name of God

How can one murder in the name of God? How is that a holy calling?

This is sic! perverse and misunderstanding on the purpose of God and his world. Surely, God is merciful. How did God allow the Holocaust to happen? Why does he let man be so evil? Freewill?

The cold-blooded murder of Eli Kay is just one example.

Surely, we are all children of Adam or Abraham. Surely, there are different paths to finding God and purpose in life. Killing in the name of God is such a…..

Unfortunately, war since the cradle of civilization has not ceased. I wrote last week that Judaism has struggled to become a religion of peace. I also have asked the question is man inherently good or evil?  Each of us has tendencies for both – The challenge of the individual, the community, country is to strive to be good. Most of us strive to be good, have a meaningful. I did not know Eli Kay who was shot died in cold blood in my hometown of Jerusalem, I did not know his family despite our common country of birth South Africa. South Africa Jewish ethics has characteristics of being a mensh, striving to be good, being a proud Jew, and strong supporter of Israel. Eli inherited all these characteristics and developed a passion for Life, Torah, and Israel.

I want to highlight five areas in which we can learn from the life cut short of Eli. This is an inspiration and example that all our kids should try to emulate – Let this be one of Eli’s Legacy and message to our Youth – follow your dreams and passion.

This should be an inspiration to us, our children, and our fellow Jews.



Eli in the big picture ticked five major boxes.

– Made Aliyah

– learned on Yeshiva

– served in a combat position in the defense of Israel

– worked the land as a farmer strengthening his connection to the Land

– worked as a guide at the Kotel sharing his love of Jerusalem and our Jewish heritage.

-Died a martyr and reminded us of the struggle of our land, what is important in life, what can be achieved.

He was only twenty-six, but his life was an inspiration.

He was an idealist and dreamer and embraced the opportunity and call to come live in Israel.

Yes, my fellow Jews sitting in London, Johannesburg, New York, the main message of the Torah is about the Land. That is the blessing of Abraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov. The return and longing for Israel was the calling of Moses. The Bible is the greatest Zionist book ever.

It is only when the Jews live righteously in her Land that we can share the Torah of peace from Jerusalem.

Eli did his part and looking at what he achieved is a wake-up call.

  • Come home
  • Make Aliyah
  • Make a contribution to the Jewish story

It is achievable. It may be hard, and for all trials and strive there are tremendous opportunities for both spiritual and material growth. Yes, Israel is now the Golden Medina, becoming an impact nation and there are so many opportunities to become millionaires in spiritually, materially, and good deeds,

Let us take this opportunity in Eli’s memory, to make changes.

Live a more connected life, send your kids to Israel, and make Aliyah.

It may have challenges, but it will be a life of purpose, a common purpose of shining God’s light in this broken world.

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