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Answering Marxist-Leninist Pacifists and less extreme left-wing anti-Zionists?

Not sure they would listen but less dogmatic bystanders might overhear

Bubbles and Humility

Always surprising when someone chooses to ignore reality and only live or act by what their ‘bible’ says. There is freedom of religion and opinion but not of facts. In a smaller sense than with the greatest fanatics, we all are vulnerable to this in our own bubble. Not only don’t we know what is said outside of our group—we don’t want to know. Trumpers, Antisemites, Rationalists, etc. find (all of) what the others say definite gobbledygook.

Spending no time listening to nonsense is obviously beneficial. A major problem, though, is that this ‘I know and you don’t’ easily leads to conceit. A minor problem is that by not listening to whole sections of humanity, you may miss some pearls hidden between the refuse. Not to speak of missing that they were in the know and you weren’t! That doesn’t mean we should give equal time to scientists and anti-scientists. The Sages of the Talmud, for the danger of arrogance, say: “Who is smart? Someone who learns from everyone.” (Not: one who knows a lot or is right all the time.) But, what could we learn from trough-and-through villains? Their zeal!

Not by Book Knowledge Alone

The Rabbis understood the danger of only looking in the books. They said Abraham kept all of Jewish Law, even details written down millennia later. How? He was so fine-tuned with Nature that he derived the laws from it.

In Nazi-occupied the Netherlands, part of the Dutch Reform Church said: We learn we must obey the government because its authority comes from G^d (Jeremiah 29:7, Avot 3:2), but we see that this regime is evil so we’re going underground and join the Resistance. And they did.

At the beginning of the War, the Dutch Communists were anti-the Allies too. England and America only want war to make money. Workers from both sides will kill each other, and the rich, on both sides, profit. They were right but soon understood the German occupier was evil and needed to be resisted and did so in great numbers and with danger to life and sacrifice.

Many left-wingers have trouble being pro-Jewish and pro-Israel. After the Holocaust, Jewish survivors (only 25%) from the Netherlands went to the Dutch Minister of Finance for restitution. He replied: You don’t think that I, as a socialist, am going to help the Jews? For him, all Jews were rich. But the Communists in the Netherlands and France never were Antisemitic!

Secular Orthodox Judaism!

Orthodox Judaism is the religious part of the culture of the Nation of Israel. A nation is defined by its culture, not by religion. That’s how one can be a secular Jew. Just like a secular Muslim is someone who is culturally Muslim but not practicing.

As the only one, the Jewish People cannot assimilate and disappear. All other nations are founded on convenience: a shared history, language, location, character, sets of norms, ideals, and awareness. The Jews were founded on a Mission, to be special and a Light unto the Nations. It’s a high bar so it’s not for everyone. Zionism is part of that Mission.

Now, there is something very unique with that Jewish-religious part I just mentioned. It consists of two complementary parts, which can be named in several ways. Religious and secular guidelines. Or: how to behave in your relation with G^d or the metaphysical and with humans (including yourself and all life and the environment).

So, you read and understood that well: being honest in business, friendly to everyone you meet, and don’t commit senseless destruction are all part of Judaism. That’s why it’s confusing and misleading to equate Orthodox Judaism with other religions. The latter can have ideas about how to relate to people or to build a community but not about how to tie your shoes or how to raise children, each fitting their individual needs and characters.

Now, you understand that Socialism and Communism (two other gifts to the Nations from the Jews) are not even secularized Judaism but rather the mundane part of Judaism. That’s how democracy (equality) and modern science (universal Laws of Nature) can be seen as derivates of Orthodox Judaism too. That’s why the modern State of Israel naturally started Socialist. That’s how my grandfather who was very learned (one examination away from being an Orthodox rabbi when Hitler stopped him) could say: “Communism is the ideal system except in one aspect: it must be executed by people.” The Jewish Tradition has many rules to protect us against corrupt leaders and leaders against themselves.

Now, you might understand that rejecting Zionism is as silly as saying: I don’t mind women as long as they’re not feminists or Christians as long as they don’t pray.

Even the Woke and Left Can be (Partly) Wrong

The above two groups of heroes came to mind when I was contemplating what to say to Marxist-Leninist Pacifists who are true to their ‘bible’ but forget to check for reality. The person in the above clip (standing for many on the left) is a true pacifist. He’s a really nice interviewer. He uses his vlog to promote his worldview. But, when it comes to Zionism, of course, he got it wrong, and he’ll never find out. In the first place because he’s Woke and Enlightened, so he’s preaching to the uninitiated. (That’s probably the reason why many right-wing bigots get away with faking equality while many left-wing equalists get into trouble because of their arrogance.)

Wars ‘Helps the Economy’

I remember this war in Israel. A general sold all his stocks hours before the fighting suddenly began. He was convicted of insider trading. Besides lying, he was bad in finance. When the war started, the stock market went up.

Pacifists get that right. But in all of Israel, which doesn’t lack ultra-left-wing people, only one conscious objector since October 7. Some wars are obviously mandatory to defend against and defeat evil. Yes, even if it will make the rich richer and the poor die for them.

And it will. All rockets shot will be replaced. War is free advertisement for the weapon industries. Buildings destroyed will be rebuilt. The rich profits from war big time. You can still opt to fight Hitler, Chamas, and Putin. That is qualitatively different from wars from greed and abuse of power.

Birds can only fly with two wings. Jews can only flourish in unity, with the left wing and the right wing together. That is different from other Peoples where both sides of the aisle can contrast and exclude each other as good and evil. You may have noticed that the heads of the IDF and Israel’s secret services are all left-wingers. No other countries have that.

Nationalism Helps Peoples

Surely, taking someone else’s country is wrong. However, Israel did no such thing. My first proof: the Druze, Bedouin, Kurds, Frisians, and many other Indigenous Nations all are serious Peoples without a State and they are largely pro-Israel. They see how Israel (and not ‘the Palestinians’) are fighting for their State. The indigenous people of Israel are (wait for it) Israel. Even the by Palestinian Activists beleaguered Wikipedia has no Palestinians among its dozens of Stateless Nations. The Hebrew Bible is the most solid bill of ownership any People could wish for.

My second proof is: When you find fascists on your side, maybe you’re in the wrong lane. Specially, when experts say anti-Zionism = Antisemitism.

International solidarity between the workers is very important and nationalism sets workers up against each other. True. But national independence is also important. After WW II, we saw dozens of former colonies claim independence, Israel just one of them. You will have a hard time defending that every People is entitled to a State but not Jews.

Besides, the conflict is not territorial or national. The only problem is Muslim Antisemitism. As soon as Muslims embrace Jews, there will be peace. As long as they don’t, they can’t live in one or in two states with us.

A better unity among different groups than fudging the differences is to have all groups meet from their home base. A strong identity and self-assurance diminish a need for arrogance and dominance. Not to say that there are no challenges with Intersectionality, but they can be solved.

Unsafe, Angry Jews in the Diaspora

Yes, there are Antisemitic left-wing Jews. They are just misleading you. They try to be more Catholic than the Pope in an attempt to escape the constant danger of Antisemitism. They are misguided. They deserve to be proud of their national heritage, claim it, and help to build unity with diversity. It is a misunderstanding that Antisemites hate us because we are not perfect and if we were, they would love us. Your role as a left-wing Gentile is to embrace all Jews and be their ally unconditionally.

This is not just ugly self-hatred. It shows Jews are so in tune with justice for all, we even can fight for our enemies. Amidst the war, the Chamas mastermind’s sister and her child are cared for in … an Israeli hospital.

The owning class has kidnapped the Jews. They make them work for them because they have nowhere to turn as long as the workers are Antisemitic. Of course, when the masses revolt, the owners will throw the Jews under the bus. The workers who cool their anger on Jews have their guilt feelings stop them from going after the really powerful—a trick of centuries. Or you are part of the problem, enabling the rich to stay so in power and have Jews feel unsafe all the time, or you are part of the solution, embracing the Jews, helping them escape their abductors, and empowering the workers!

There is reliable, moral, left-wing reporting from the Middle East (take the Times of Israel). There is no excuse to even read any of the lies that self-proclaimed anti-Zionist Haaretz spews. That Haaretz and Al Jazeera can report from Israel only says something about our freedom of the press.

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