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Anti-Semitism & Rising Housing Prices in Israel

Photo Credit: Dr. Avishai Teicher
Photo Credit: Dr. Avishai Teicher

While the Pro-Israel world concerns itself with the Ben & Jerry’s fiasco, many other stories should have also dominated the headlines these past few weeks.

Today, anti-Semitism is on the rise and the statistics prove it. Though, it only seems that when there is an attack that concludes in violence or worse does the Diaspora Jewish community stick its head up. As the atmosphere for observant-looking Jews depreciates, the Hasbara world can only come up with slogans and social media memes. How can American and European Jewry actively take concrete steps to combat this rising tide? We can answer these tough questions with “education” or “advocacy”, but an applicable solution is currently unclear.

However, what is clear is that in the State of Israel, housing prices have been rising for the past 15 years. A crisis that began with young Israeli adults, newlyweds, and young families looking for small apartments, and is now affecting the same populations today. According to Globes, “the Covid dash for the country, and inadequate marketing of land by the Israel Land Authority, are pushing up house and garden prices.”

Though, with the rising atmosphere of anti-Semitism in the West (especially France), the housing problem has expanded. Every year, a country the size of the state of New Jersey has made room for thousands of Jewish families from New Jersey and beyond. Over the past 20 years, and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Israel has received an influx of Anglo olim (immigrants) interested in living the Zionist dream.

How can Israel ensure that Aliyah will continue in mass and that the country has the means to support them? A new organization called Holy Land Housing Network has come onto the scene, helping immigrants to Israel find housing in a tough market – especially to those unfamiliar with Israeli business culture.

Based in Jerusalem, the organization has built a large reach with trusted realtors across Israel with great experience in the Anglo market. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, HLHN has secured dozens of apartments, homes, and commercial properties at the best prices for those overseas seeking a new life in the Holy Land. To learn more about Holy Land Housing Network, follow them on LinkedIn or contact them at

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