Anti-Semitism Roundup

I cannot remember a time when there were so many anti-Semtism related events and conferences in a matter of weeks. There are thousands of tweets and dozens of news items about anti-Semitism now every single day.

The point of this timeline is to demonstrate the growing pressure on us Jews and Israel from all sides. Hopefully in 2015 we will be a little wiser and figure out what the world really wants from us.

Here is a list of anti-Semitism related events, organizations and milestones:

Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz – 70th anniversary of the liberation   #‎Auschwitz70‬

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – Public Events Calendar

CFCA – The Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism

May 2014

ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism

September 2014

Ambassador Gideon Behar on Antisemitism at the 14th World Summit on Terror

October 2014

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 8th Seminar on Combating Racism, Xenophobia and Antisemitism

November 2014

OSCE Berlin Conference on Anti-Semitism

December 2014

BBC director Danny Cohen “Uncomfotable As A Jew in the UK”

January 2015

Paris Jews Reel After Deadly Kosher-Supermarket Attack

Huge Crowds, World Leaders Gather For Paris Unity March

IJC Solidarity Delegation to Israel of European Jewish Leaders

UK Campaign Against Antisemitism Meets with Home Secretary, Police and CPS Chiefs to Address Antisemitism

UK Home Secretary Announcement on Anti-Semitism

ICC prosecutor opens probe into alleged Israeli war crimes

Israel Report: Anti-Semitism in US campuses on the rise 

UK Poll:Almost half of Britons hold antisemitic view

Israel: Free Course on Anti-Semitism

Michael Laitman’s new eBook: What Does It Mean To Be Jewish Today?

EUJS President Jane Braden-Golay Speech at the Council of Europe

The 4th International Let My People Live! Forum

UN General Assembly Meeting on the rise of anti-Semitism

International Holocaust Rememberance Day

Life Broadcasts From Next Generation to Holocaust and Heroism

Spielberg Speaking In Auschwitz

Rivlin makes first US visit for UN Holocaust memorial

The Economist – Be not afraid

Tablet Magazine:American Jews Must Stop Obsessing Over the Holocaust

Jewish leaders call for Europe-wide legislation outlawing antisemitism

Antisemitic Incidents

Israel to mount media campaign against International Criminal Court

Actress Maureen Lipman may leave Britain over attacks on Jews

Prince Charles: The Holocaust is a warning to ‘all of us in all faiths at all times’

Israeli-Jewish Congress – A blueprint to combat anti-Semitism in Europe

2014 Report on Anti-Semitism in France by SPCJ – Service For Protection of the Jewish Community

Genesis Prize – Elie Wiesel & Michael Douglas: That question is not “who is a Jew,” but rather “what does it mean to be Jewish.”

May 2015

The 5th Global Forum For Combating Anti-Semitism

October 2015

Germany: Nineteenth-Century Anti-Semitism in International Perspective

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