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Anti-Zionism needs wrong terms, verbal tricks, emotional manipulation, and lying

Learn the ideas behind the words to better judge the news on its merits

A ‘nuanced’ report can try to hide atrocities. An ‘honest’ report can be an attempt to infect you with old hatred. A ‘factual’ report can be a slew of lies. A ‘frank’ report can be a shrewd ploy to confuse and disempower.

Here are some basics to help you judge the news for yourself.

The Conflict

I apologize to those shocked by the below partial analysis, totally based on facts and not sentimental stories that may feel and sell better.

Israeli vs. Palestinian. Arab speakers can’t pronounce the P. Palestine is not an Arab word. It is the name the Roman occupiers called Israel. Some 120 years ago, Jews suggested a bi-national State, but almost all Arab leaders refused. The UK split up the Holy Land into Arab Jordan and Jewish Israel. Then, the UK and EU and the West split up Israel again to give a sliver to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust as a place to die but not in the West. That did not go as planned because Jews were done dying.

After the Six-Day War, Israel gave ‘Palestinians’ self-rule in Gaza (we liberated it from Egypt) or the West Bank (liberated from Jordan), but from there, they started terrorism against Israel. When Gaza was still Egyptian and the West Bank still a (generally unrecognized,) conquered part of Jordan (that was the occupation), there was no ‘need’ to ‘stop the occupation’ after Israel liberated it. To call that occupation is the world upside-down. The conflict was always hatred-based and never territorial. There is no Israeli-Palestinian conflict! And therefore, with apologies to the believers, there is no Santa, Eastern bunny, or Two-State solution.

In Israel, from extreme left-wing to extreme right-wing, including Israeli Muslims, with dozens of strange exceptions who confirm the rule, no one believes in a two-state solution anymore. Not for we got disillusioned. We became realists. There is enough respect and democracy for Muslims to live in Israel. If that’s not mutual, living around Israel is too dangerous.

‘There must be a solution’ and then advancing a Two-State solution is like: an incurable infection must heal and thus giving treatment for diabetes.

Biden is not against Israel. He’s a fine ally. But he’s wrongly informed about the Two-State Solution. As most leaders in Europe, too. Embarrassing.

Arab vs. Westerner. There are twice as many Arab Jews in Israel as Arab Muslims. Arab Muslims and Jews together form more than half the population. Arab here means a culture, of which the language is an important part. To only see Western Jews in Israel is anti-Mizrachi racism.

Native vs. Foreigner. The only documented natives are the Jews. The ‘local’ Muslims are mostly Jews forcibly converted 200 years ago, plus Muslims who came from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, etc. Before modern Zionism started, some 150 years ago, hardly anyone lived here. Like modern Jordan, hardly anyone called this strategic place on earth home—except for the displaced Jews in their daily prayers, that is. After WW II, many Peoples got independent national homelands. Only Jews are called ‘colonialists’ for wanting their own country liberated from foreign rule.

Jew vs. Muslim. A division along religious lines sounds a bit strange for secular Europeans. Not only is this the real division. The only problem is Jews-hatred. With hatred, Muslims can’t live among or alongside Jews. With respect for Jews, we’ll have peace and harmony in the Middle East.

Settlements vs. Villages. Anti-Jewish bias makes journalists call Muslim towns villages and Jewish villages settlements. This discrimination should have no place in unbiased, honest journalism.

The Occupation. The ‘international community’ doesn’t acknowledge Israeli sovereignty over the liberated lands around it. It’s called international Antisemitism. A conspiracy beyond a theory.

Pro-Palestinian is really often anti-Jewish. Most demonstrators barely can hide their hatred of Jews. Since the Chamas Pogrom, it’s getting clearer.

Media-Biased Speech

Fighting broke out. Tensions are rising. They never do. People start fighting or stressing. Impersonal ’causes’ mean to hide the aggressors.

Freedom fighters. People who aim to kill civilians are not freedom or resistance fighters. The proper word is terrorists, mass murderers, or criminals against humanity bent on genocide. They are as much gunmen as surgeons, butchers, hairdressers, and circumcizors are knifemen.

Stone-throwing. Sounds so innocent. Try reality: rock-throwing.

False Moral Equivalence. Something like: ‘In Germany, the Nazis and the Jews became very emotional.’ ‘Israelis and Palestinians suffer.’ Yes, but the Israelis are democrats, and the other side is run by terrorists—not ex-terrorists! ‘Israelis and Palestinians both want peace.’ Not true. The flopped ‘Land for Peace’ strategy shows it. Peace is a Jewish priority. Muslims around Israel want human rights and financial security first. A Dutch saying goes: ‘Where two fight, two are guilty.’ In the case of an assault, that’s obviously untrue. A very malicious but frequent false moral equivalence goes as follows. There is a terrorist attack, and immediately, calls go up ‘to both sides to bring down the violence.’ That means that Israel can’t do deterrence and implies both must be aggressors equally.

Prisoner exchange. There can’t be a prisoner or hostage ‘exchange’ for the simple reason that Israel has Muslim terrorists jailed after proper trials, while Chamas, against international law, kidnapped mostly Jewish civilians, dead and alive, raped or not, whom they should release immediately and unconditionally. There is no equivalence. To call people jailed in Israel ‘hostages’ is the height of falsehood. Also, to select these hostages into groups (to release or not) is a war crime/crime against humanity. The Red Cross has demanded Israel provides it with details about the 60 terrorists it arrested (that’s international law) while it didn’t even provide life-saving medicine to Chamas’s captives. It took Israel a couple of weeks to refuse.

We want a ceasefire. Sounds so nice and humane. Who wants war? Not so quick. Imagine a bank robbery or rape in progress. What would a ceasefire then mean? Police, let the assailants go for free. Not so nice after all.

Revenge. For millennia, Christian anti-Judaism says that Christians have a religion of love (turning the other cheek) and Jews one of revenge. This, of course, was to hide the bloodbaths they inflicted on Jews. Whenever Israel hits back, it’s for deterrence. Both Judaism and Israeli Law forbid revenge. We even say, when a Jew is murdered by a Gentile: ‘May G^d revenge his blood.’ G^d, because murder is so bad, we couldn’t make things better by retaliation. However, the news reports all the time that Israel retaliated.

Decimated. Journalists generally are good at language but not at math. Decimated means 10% or less is left from the original 100%. The assault of October 7 on Israeli civilians left up to 10% dead and 30% physically hurt (and 60% emotionally traumatized). Decimated means at least 90% dead. It was bad but not that bad. Some 3000 infiltrators murdered only 1200.

The Palestinians.’ All the time, the news confuses (intentionally or from a lack of competence) Palestinian terrorist leaders with those they oppress, and with Muslims around/inside of Israel. ‘They want …’ – Who’s ‘they’?

The false underdog. The German People in WW II was not the underdog, though many Germans lost their lives, and they lost the war. The Germans were the aggressors. Were all Germans (equally) guilty? Of course not. ‘The Palestinians’ are not the underdog. They lost time and again, but they are the aggressors. Not each one of them, but as a group. They rejected Statehood because they want(ed) no Jews around. They get so much money from the UN they certainly are not the underdog. Yes, the money is mostly channeled to private bank accounts of their dictators, but as a political entity, they are not the underdog. For more than a century, they have been the aggressor. Compare the Kurds. They are the underdog. If they are anyone’s victims, the perpetrators are their leaders. And certainly not the aggressor. And in the UN, Israel is clearly the underdog.

Antisemitism is a web of lies, not an opinion or a sentiment!! You don’t need to find out what’s in someone’s heart or brain to find out if it’s anti-Jewish. If it’s 100% true, it’s not. If it fits the fabrications against Jews, it is.

Genocide. The whole world could see the October 7 attack was genocide. Chamas said so before denying it ever happened. Antisemites and Islam fanatics went to the streets the world over shouting: ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,’ implying free of Jews, pure genocide! Never mind that most of them would not know the names of the river or the sea. Even Nazi Germany never had the chutzpa to accuse the Jews of genocide, but the UN political ‘court’ dares to debate if Israel is committing national extermination by chasing Chamas terrorists while sparing Gazan civilians.

The War

Collateral and proportional vs. unfair or criminal damage.

For unfair see here. For proportional damage and war crimes see here.

War crime vs. crime against humanity. Crime against humanity is the term for misdeeds identical to recognized war crimes but outside the framework of an official war.

What’s in a name? The war has been called names. Iron Swords War was the initial name from the Israel government, but that’s more like the names they gave to limited military operations. It quickly proclaimed war and later said it should have a war name. Here is an overview.

The Simchat Torah War. It was on Simchat Torah. Just like we had the Yom Kippur War, this name should be obvious. However, more Gentiles know of Yom Kippur than Simchat Torah, and in the US, where now many Jews live, only the next day was Simchat Torah. Only after the next day, religious Jews found out what happened, but many there are not religious, so that counts less. But also in Israel, it took many days to find out what happened, those feared dead going up first in the dozens, then by the hundreds, until coming down and settling around 1200 after weeks. The Chamas War leaves out Israel, and the Chamas-Israel War smacks of false equivalence. The Gaza-Israel War is confusing since there, Israel had so many military operations against rockets at our civilians (crimes against humanity). The Chamas/Muslim Mini Holocaust War is correct but too long. The Black Shabbat War is not OK as a name. As someone who loves Shabbat, I say you can’t call Shabbat black. And most of it and most of us were still fine on that Shabbat Simchat Torah when we didn’t know the scope of the assault. We already have one Black Shabbat, and that is the Shabbat before the Ninth of Av, not close to October 7. The October Seven War sounds OK. It started with the October 7 Pogrom. Just like the iconic September 11 attack, everybody knows what happened on October 7.


For some people, words have lost all meaning. They may be so dishonest or confused. Without integrity, no words mean anything. But if you’re the victim of liars, sharp definitions may help against getting confused.

The most elusive of it all is that Truth is under assault like never before. Search the Internet about everything you know for sure, and you’ll find people who will tell you, without batting an eyelid, the very opposite.

There is no greenhouse effect—we’re on to a new ice age. Time travel is done, things go faster than light 50 times, the newest political scandal, what doctors don’t want you to know, etc., etc. These reports are refreshed every couple of days so they seem breaking news.

I just read that J.F. Kennedy is alive, and so are John Lennon and Elvis, living in our Earth that is both hollow and flat at the same time.

Unless you were assaulted and went through hundreds of hours of therapy or grew up poor, you’re most likely naïve and fooled non-stop. Sorry. Get some friends who lived outside of your bubble and listen to them closely.

The indignant bank robbers facing trial

A parable

The robbers had been very ‘successful.’ They stole $ 5B. The whole world heard of their spectacular heist. Not only that. Proudly, they told reporters they would do it again and again until there was nothing left in the bank.

The prosecutor was very clear. Lock them up until they can respect other people’s money. We need to have them off the street and show others not to follow in their footsteps (deterrence). They need to learn that the bars of a bank are to keep you out as much as the bars in jail are to keep you in.

The last word before sentencing was for the suspects. They saw things very differently. ‘It’s a scandal! You should realize from our first attempt how deep is our poverty. The Bank should pay us at least $ 3B for our needs. The police should immediately stop bothering us and our freedom. They, not us, are guilty because it’s all our money they keep away from us.’

The judge reacted: Even if that was true, stealing will not get you there.

The translation:

The impudent war criminals facing trial

The mass murder had been very ‘successful.’ They murdered 1200+ innocent people in one morning. The whole world heard of their spectacular crime. Not only that. Proudly, they told reporters they would do it again and again until there was no Jew left living in Israel.

The prosecutor was very clear. Lock them up until they can respect other people’s lives. We need to have them off the street and show others not to follow in their footsteps (deterrence). They need to learn that the borders are to keep intruders out as much as the doors in jail are to keep you in.

The last word before sentencing was for the terrorists. They saw things very differently. ‘It’s a scandal! You should understand from our first attempt how much we want their lands. Israel should give us at least half the country. The IDF should immediately stop all hostilities and give us freedom. They are guilty because it’s all our land that they live on.’

The judge reacted: Even if that was true, mass murder won’t get you there.

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