Antisemitism: A tool to subvert the West

The 2016 presidential election left nothing to be desired when it came to shocking twists.  From the primaries to the general election, week to week, just when it seemed like the plot couldn’t get any thicker, it thickened.  Among this ceaseless mess of hot mics, FBI investigations opening, open investigations concluding, closed investigations reopening, and email dumps from a fugitive Swede living in an Ecuadorian embassy, a dark secret that had been either unknown or ignored for the past decade was unveiled: foreign subversion on the internet.

By the beginning of the election season in 2016, social media platforms had become daily utilities for billions of people.  Social movements were cultivated through tweets, Instagram models were getting “Instarich” off their “Instafame”,  and Facebook became the primary news source for the majority of American adults.  New independent media sources, not filtered by the old gatekeepers of yesteryear, proliferated across the digital fabric, inviting people from all seven continents to debate in the corresponding comment sections.

In the background of this bustling world of social media, lurking in the shadows, they waited.  Disguised, almost humorously, in clunky twitter handles that were all too American, the spooks of adversarial states plotted against us, preparing a mischievous campaign to influence our presidential pageant.  Russian operatives, using carefully designed messages, stoked the piping coals of controversial social and political issues to create conflict between people.  They spread disinformation, racism, sexism, and ridiculous theories about satanic rituals in John Podesta’s living room.  Their goal was unambiguous and simple, to sow discord among the American electorate.

The revelations in the wake of the 2016 election shocked many, but truthfully, shouldn’t have.  After all, the subversion isn’t new nor has it always been hidden.  In fact, it’s been quite open and influencing our social and political climate for years, right in front of us.

In the early months of 2018, Youtube made a long-overdue announcement:  any state-funded news channel broadcasting on their platform would be labelled as such.  Their decision was part of a wider array of moves by social media platforms to address the election interference and the widespread concern over false news on social media.  However, this decision by youtube addressed a lesser-discussed reality, yet something that is undoubtedly problematic: enemy states around the world are funding online news channels to distribute anti-American propaganda in the West.  Their methods are meticulous, specifically designed and among the various tactics at their disposal, antisemitism is one of the most sinister and commonly-used.

RT America is one such example of a channel that must inform its subscribers, currently numbering close to 600,000, of the source of their funding.  Under each RT video we find a disclaimer, “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government”.

One RT America video entitled, “Juice Rap News: Israel vs. Palestine”, appears at first to be a quirky  satirical rap video about the Israel-Palestine conflict.  The two creators, Giordanno Nanni and Hugo Farrant, filmed the video in a backyard studio.  They take turns doing sloppy portrayals of Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry and a bumbling reporter for a fake news network called “MSMBS”.  It seems odd that a supposed news network like RT America would broadcast something this silly, but what appears to be an innocent piece of satire, actually presents a much darker subtext.

The video starts with a fictional journalist, Robert Foster (played by Farrant), attempting to moderate a productive discussion between Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas.  The discussion comes to a halt almost immediately, after the brashly-depicted Netanyahu (played by Nanni) drops a bomb on his peace-seeking Hamas counterpart.  Robert Foster, stunned, accuses Netanyahu of committing cold-blooded murder.  The fictional Netanyahu insists it was in self-defense, and to prove his case he implores Foster to, “check out the news coverage from the US!”.  We then see an “MSMBS” news report presenting a very pro-Israel narrative.  The MSMBS report then shifts to a pale and wide-eyed John Kerry (played by Farrant), who is portrayed as timid, spineless and a puppet of Netanyahu, whom demands of the bumbling Kerry, “Just keep sending the money!”.  John Kerry, with trembling hands, pulls out a check book and begins scribbling for his Israeli master.  Shortly thereafter, the MSMBS report goes to a commercial break featuring a fictional Scarlett Johanssen, whom gleefully describes how she enjoys the murder of Palestinians, then proceeds to drink a glass of blood.

The narrative presented in this odd parody would make the editors of Der Sturmer proud; Israel murders and drinks the blood of Palestinians, and they do it with US support because the Jews manipulate America with money and control of the mass media.

Since 2014, Internet users looking for news online may have come across the very official-sounding, “PressTV”.  This channel, like RT, does a clever job in presenting the facade of a legitimate news network.  The PressTV anchors present their stories articulately and professionally under stage lights, in modern studios, and in front of multi-camera setups.  Quite often, large arrangements of monitors displaying graphics can be seen in the background of the expensive sound stages.  Stories are supplemented with the input of international corespondents positioned all over the world.

To a cynical westerner, this is the news that the mainstream media is hiding from us.  These are the stories we’re not allowed to here.  The truth!  Contained in videos like, David Duke exposing Jewish Communism on Presstv, Researcher: Zionists pushing countries to World War III, US political System controlled by Jewish-Zionist interests, Israel Harvesting Organs of Dead Palestinians: Palestinian Envoy, US media hijacked by Israel Lobby, and Zionist lobby behind US visa restrictions: Iran. 

The theme is familiar; The cannibalistic Zionist Jews are controlling the media and government to suit their own evil interests.  PressTV currently has over 200,000 subscribers, over a 120,000,000 total views, and over 50,000 videos labeled with the disclaimer, “Press TV is funded in whole or in part by the Iranian government”.

PressTV and RT are only two examples of this phenomenon, but there are others including Telesur (Venezuela), TRT World (Turkey), and Al Jazeera (Qatar).

So, why would these countries spread age-old antisemitic conspiracy theories?  It could be possible that the people in Russia or Iran making these grotesque editorial decisions are simply vile antisemitic ideologues and are acting on a nefarious plot to convert westerners into neo-nazis, or the answer could be much simpler and summed up in just two words: It works.

There’s no disputing the persuasive power of antisemitism, after all, we have centuries of proof to attest to that.  As in the 2016 election, these countries, for their own perverse reasons, have a national interest in spreading disinformation and discord in the West.  These propaganda machines on Youtube are attempting to convince audiences that their private and public institutions are working against them, but then who are they working for?  It must be the elders of Zion, the cabal of sneaky Jews conspiring against the goy to line their own greedy pockets and satisfy their own interests.   Throughout history we find that projection is always associated with antisemitism, and here it is, so obvious it numbs the brain: the governments that are actually doing the subverting, are accusing the Jews of doing just that.

The centuries of proof that antisemitism is an effective persuader comes with an equal amount of proof that antisemitism can cause immense destruction and devastation.  The biggest mistake that we can make is to try to frame the current proliferation of antisemitism as a purely Jewish issue or mainly a threat to only Jews.  As history has shown, the Jews are always first, but never the last.  In the subversion of the West, the Jews appear to be a prime target, but make no mistake, our entire society is under attack.

About the Author
Joe Duenas is an independent filmmaker and writer based out of South Florida.
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