Antisemitism hurts Palestinians too

No, I’m not talking about the theory that antisemitism targets not only directed Jews but every so-called Semitic people. 

I’m talking about how attacking Jews in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere hurts the Palestinian cause; statehood. 

There are plenty of Palestinians who recognize the obvious fact that not all Jews are responsible for their suffering and are aware that it’s caused by the government of Israel. But there are also plenty of people, who won’t or can’t understand that when they come out with their antisemitic theories and conspiracies about Jews, they are in fact hurting two ethnic groups at the same time: Jews and Palestinians. 

Whenever someone says something wild about a Jewish person, the United States and the European Union are assured that their mild stances towards Israel are perfectly appropriate. 

Whenever Jews are attacked for their identity, Joe Biden makes the proclamation of his life, saying that he condemns antisemitism in all its forms. This, of course, would be totally justified, except that in the mind of Joe Biden and plenty of other world leaders, an antisemitic remark includes criticizing or denouncing the actions of Israel and its military. 

An antisemitic hate crime happens, and what follows is the two best friends, the US and Israel signing their respective names on a document assuring the latter that military support is not stopping anytime soon. 

When an antisemitic hate crime occurs, Joe Biden goes on stage and proudly announces that he is a non-Jewish Zionist. 

When a shooting occurs in a synagogue in California or Pennsylvania, Pentagon makes a call reporting approval for additional funding for the Iron Dome and for additional fighter planes for the IDF. 

When someone like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene shares her new favorite theory about Jewish space lasers, a Palestinian gets shot with a bullet made by Lockheed Martin. 

Ironically, antisemitism that attacks Jews living in the diaspora helps Israel achieve its objectives in the territories it controls. 

If Israel would not kill innocent Palestinians, including children, on a daily basis, if Israel wouldn’t evict Palestinians from their houses, if Israel would not form a prison from Gaza and keep its residents in a constant state of terror, antisemitism would only hurt Israel and its people. 

But this isn’t the reality. 

The reality is that when a Jew, perhaps a leftist Jew – who maybe even condemns Israel’s policies on Palestine and its people – is attacked on a street for wearing a kippa, he took part in securing a military assistance package – from Washington to Jerusalem. 

Israel’s greatest ally is the United States of America. While antisemitism is continuing to be as rampant as it is, that will never change. Israel will receive aid it didn’t even ask for and the US will never denounce the Israeli government’s actions.

Antisemitism continues, Palestinians will continue to be hunted down and thrown out of their homes, and Israel’s going to continue to oppress them. This is not speculation, it’s reality. 

Antisemitism continues, and Palestine will continue to not be liberated. 

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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