Antisemitism in the UK is sadly a reality

Like all form of bigotry targeting the faith of some human being, antisemitism is a problem, and this even in liberal democracies.

One great example is this protest in the British university city of Cambridge. It’s worrying that some groups use their pro-Palestinian credentials to do things which are reminiscent of some very dark eras in human history. Eras which are not very far away in history. Some people still alive today remember awful stories of hate and killing which were done because of bigotry.

To protest against the Israeli-Hamas war in a synagogue is a proof that some fringes of the pro-Palestinian movement are not of good faith, as their love of Palestine suddenly becomes an hatred of everything Jewish. This attitude seems as contradictory as someone doing a protest next to their local Sunni mosque because of what ISIS is doing right now in Syria and Iraq.

Even if they wanted to do this protest to ”know” about the position of the Jewish community in Cambridge on the conflict, how’s it’s everyone business to know their position on this issue? This is why these new forms of antisemitism are a form of mob rule, a form of new wave fascism where Jewish people must be bullied to know what is their position on the current actions of the Israeli government.

A bit up north, in Bradford, the local MP George Galloway had declared his constituency an ”Israeli-free zone”. But again, does Galloway imply that people of the Muslim, Druze, Christian or Baha’i faith who are living in Israel are not welcome, or this is just another politically correct way of doing antisemitism as his ban only applies to people of the Jewish faith living in Israel?

This is a big problem in many western countries and even among intellectuals. The words ”Israel”, ”Zionist” and ”Jewish” have become denuded of any common sense. These words are all very complex terms just like the term ”apartheid” which is a very risqué term to use to designate anything other that the political situation in South Africa a few decades ago. They had become code-words which gives them carte blanche to lose all their common sense.

And this lack of common sense will not bring more peace in the Middle East, it will only bring more hate, hate which is sometimes propagated by the same intellectuals who think that they are oracles of goodwill.

I hope with all my heart that these cases of bigotry will end once for all.

If not, I am quite worried for the future, for people of all religious minorities in the world.

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Mathieu Vaillancourt is a writer, thinker and blogger from Canada. He is interested in economics, international development and politics.
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